Trump Goes Quiet On Twitter Again

Trump Goes Quiet On Twitter Again

Recently, The Dirty exclusively reported on why President Donald Trump was quiet on Twitter after his excellent speech to Congress. While he put quite a lot of shocking things out on Twitter last week, he has been quiet on Twitter since Saturday.

Why is that?

Our best guess is that he is trying hard to work on getting people to get onboard with his new bill regarding healthcare. In fact, his last tweet he issued on Saturday- aside from an article he retweeted- stated that, “We are making great progress with healthcare. ObamaCare is imploding and will only get worse. Republicans coming together to get job done!”

He has probably been advised that tweeting right now- especially if it’s anything too obscene- would probably distract from getting this mission accomplished.

We do assume, though, that Trump will return to Twitter sometime soon regardless, as he’s shown in the past he can’t stay away from it for too long.

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