Trump’s Approval Ratings Vary Depending On Source

Trump’s Approval Ratings Vary Depending On Source

Whichever side of the fence you sit on politically, one thing is indisputable- President Donald Trump has certainly stirred up controversy and is anything but your “traditional” President.

One thing that the news always talks about regarding a President is his approval rating. Interestingly, Trump’s vary depending on the source you look at.

For example, according to The Hillthey note that polls from “Marist and the Pew Research Center” both have his approval rating this week around 39%. 

Gallup data this week shows that his approval is around 42% this week.

Rasmussen Report shows that, as of yesterday, Trump’s approval was 48%.

While Trump had recently re-tweeted a tweet claiming his approval rating had hit 50%, it seems that in almost every poll right now, he’s still sitting under that. How much under that is for debate, depending on which source you look at.

It will be interesting to see as we near the 100 day mark of his presidency if his ratings improve or not.

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