Gold Digging Machine

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he gives ex wives & mothers a bad name, she uses her kids as meal tickets. She married a moron and guilted him into adopt her son so she could leave him then go for child support, yet she let the biological of her kids get away with not paying child support. She cheated on him the whole marriage, she got him into major debt while she was his power of attorney. Poor guy was just her bank machine from the start, she planned to screw him over from the day she met him. Now he has kids of his own and she has a court order to take his money he needs to raise his babies for her kids that are all grown up. I wanted to post this as a warning to all men be aware she is a user, a liar and probably diseased please hide your wallet and use a condom.

The Mighty Herpules

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic excuse of a man and dad of 3 girls is to hung up on his bromance drinking and other unmentionables f’ng a girl that has a boyfriend of 5 years doesn’t matter to him cause he professed his love for her New Years Eve then took her to bed little did he know what he was in for New Years she revealed a secret one that he would find out about to little to late…..he is verbally and physically abusive to his babies Mama’s the women who gave him 3 beautiful girls yet the most precious gift he could be given yet guess he prefers surprise gifts of a different kind he is the same douchebag to all the decent women he dates lies to and leads he is not worthy of any one with class or morals when he has neither to offer yet he treats the dirties with more tespect then the 3 different mothers to his daughters not to mention the decent women that he trashes he stops at nothing to make good women feel like trash and trash feel like they are good women.

Beware of his Disorder

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I meet this guy that for any broken hearted gal seems great! He wants to commit right away blah blah…. but for anything that seems too good to be true it always is….. I found out quickly that things just didn’t seem right…. stories didn’t add up…. kept catching him lies. I learned he was engaged to another gal that had no idea he was also dating me. I ended it with him but as a stupid girl I went back to him when he left his fiance. We were together almost two years in this period he did the following…. Posted himself for online male escort Cheated on me physically Cheated two maybe more times online (telling other girls he loved them etc….) We went on a break where he told me he wanted me and no one else turns out he was sleeping with other girls …. When we broke up he slept with escorts He told girls he was committed to them immediately after meeting them (he did this with me when I first met him too) He had his truck repossossed and tells girls that he sold it lol He owes a ton of money to ICBC and phone services and credit cards… he cannot put a phone in his name He also preys on younger girls with no life experience that know better He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Autism as well as speculation of Fetal Alcohol Be careful! If anyone needs proof please email me and I will gladly send you proof to each of the above declarations – so this is not libel – I in fact have proof of these allegations

Put a shirt on your hillbilly.- nik

Medic homewrecker Taylor Koester

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well this one has ruined men in her day but what tops it all is her ruining a family. Ripping them apart with her constant texts and leading a married man on….. A few married men. How does she work with the oil filed crashing ( she’s a oil field medic) she sucks off the company man to get the jobs! She shows off way to much skin to get what she wants. Oil filed wives beware of this little tramp l, Taylor Koester. When she’s not trying to bang every guy on the site she’s getting them to wash her medic truck and posts pics laughing at them for being so stupid to do it for her! Class act right here! Gives all is hard working medics a slut name.

Trailer Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid has drd he gave it to my best friend and she is the nicest girl I know. It was a drunk one night stand but what a goof. He lives in a dirty trailer and thinks he’s a g because he smokes crack with heads. Fuckin goof ball needs to bounce. Fat bitch ass faggot.

Fruit Loop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this up, people should be warned. This psycho is Thomas Leland Sears. Goes by Leland/Lee. He’s a male skank who’s now homeless living at the shelter. Alchy, weed addict who basically can’t get his shit together to save himself, he’d rather be on the streets than get it together and maybe go start a real life by working for his dad? His parents are super rich, I guess he’s too good for them, or they really can’t stand his abuse, as he has a poser-gangster attitude; listens to old Biggie, Tupac and such… He clearly has mental problems, he definitely is bi-polar with schizophrenia and a rage-aholic. Restraining orders. Steals, cheats and lies. He doesn’t care about himself or hurting anyone else along the way. Lookout and steer clear of this nutcase! His favourite pastimes include playing online games, watching porn, not being hygienic, user n abuser, mooching, and being nice to your face all the while backstabbing you. Paranoid freak!

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