Castledowns playground abuser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fat pig of a so called woman assaulted a 6 year old child by punching him in the nose, giving him a bloody nose and black eye. If anyone out there can identify this pig or her vehicle please contact police. What kind of woman or parent would do this to a child? Watch you’re children around the castledowns playground or area. Will not show picture of the child it is bad and extremely graphic. This lady needs to be on blast!!! What a piece of garbage

Likes To Play Innocent

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alishah Punjani is probably the nastiest sleaze around. She goes to Concordia University and likes to pretend she’s a saint- fakes she’s everyone’s friend, rallies for social justice causes, posts motivational junk for victims of this that and the other etc. Total sweetie, right? Too bad she’s an idiot. When not claiming to be a saint, this moron posts all her NSFW “adventures” on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. This includes coke binges, meth binges, sleeping around, missing sucking dick yadda yadda. Too bad for her I keep a hefty folder of screenshots on my phone and I’m officially tired of her shit. What else good is there to know about her? 1) She likes to claim on all social media that everyone wants her and everyone hits on her at every possible moment when really nobody who actually knows her would touch her with a ten foot pole. Bitch has been single for a good 2 years because nobody wants goods that used. 2) Her only “real” friends are girls as disgusting as she is (Cassandra, Alecks, Khadija). True friends share coke and dick, right? Too bad none of those “friends” even actually like her. They’re all fighting and falling out with one another every other day until it’s time to party again. 3) She let a professor of hers feel her up for a better grade. Seriously, girl, could you be any more of a cliche? 4) She almost got kicked out of school for sexually harassing other students, as well as feeling herself up in a public place. 5) She’ll do *anything* for a little bit of pepsi. 6) She’s a 98 lb skeleton who thought she could do well amateur stripping at Eden’s (she tanked by the way). She also stole a ton of money from a back room at Eden’s and claims she fu’ed the owner once she got caught. Classy. Oh, and the best? 7) She was so fucked up one night she earned herself a city wide bar ban for fingering herself on the bar of a Sherlock’s pub. L.M.A.O.

A Bunch of Traps

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these three are definitely bottom of the barrel they walk around town thinking their s*** don’t stink that they own the best studios in town when in reality they’re just complete dumps and they have no class all three of them are just trash. Jeanne Rogers aka Alyson Little Miss ringleader never think she does anything wrong if only the clients knew what a despicable human being she was!!! 4 kids they all look different than the supposed dad, the oldest is a m**h addict who is just like her mom except has sex for drugs. Suzie kostenuv aka sovina she is just a fat slore she needs to put down a cheeseburger long enough to lose a pound has a kid from a trick already and has no problem broadcasting that she can have a baby anytime she wants because look at all the men she sleeps with there no wonder Alberta’s drd rate is so high!!!!!! Like buy a treadmill already and Leeann McArthur aka destiny this slore Takes the Cake 4 Kids 4 different baby daddies neglect her kids so bad it’s sickening her two oldest are in and out of jail leaves her two youngest alone so she can go gamble as she has a really big gambling problem and pills she pops them like they’re going out of style I’m surprised she can even carry herself!!! 40 years old still selling her washed up p**sy for money because she has no ambition and is going nowhere in life so she knows all these bikers but throws around names like she shouldn’t and is the biggest rat and we all know how people feel about rats especially bikers…. somebody needs to give these three skids a reality check!!

Jodi Howard and Angelina Simmons Are Still Trainwrecks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two have been posted not long ago and they tried to defend themselves in the comments saying they got their sh*t together and that they are smart, hard working women… well this picture tells a different story. These idiots are stupid enough to put a picture on Facebook with c*ke on the bathroom counter haha what’s your excuse now? And please don’t say you just happened to be in the bathroom and didnt touch the drugs.

Dope.- nik

Gold Digging Cat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Catorina. She is nothing but a gold digger. If you don’t have money to give don’t bother talking to her. She literally lies about everything. Like her mom she ain’t a cop she even lied to me about having a stroke. But days later she was driving … You can’t drive for three months after one at least… She also is fake being sick. Can’t hold a job longer then 3 weeks. She lies about going to medical school she doesn’t attend school. She always apparently have bosses fondle her which is why she can’t hold a job… It’s her way or the highway. She threatens and will do anything to get money. She steals and slanders people. She has always at least five f’ing guys on the go just to get more moneyz she says she only been with 6 but I can personally name like 20 or more . If you hang with her better be buying her coffee or lying about something. She lies about having a kid to its her moms .. I think she lies and uses so much she just doesn’t know the truth. Honestly nik people need to know about her cause she is very good at manipulating and lying to get anything she wants. She’s the first girl in the pic btw. The other girl is her sister who is even worse . Just nothing but lies and sleeping around and taking money or peoples stuff. Don’t fall for her shit! Cause you will just be another victim.

Mahalia Haley Catherine Bannon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this home wrecker had an on going affair with a man in a long term relationship with two kids. Haley knew about the wife and continued the affair anyways. Once the wife found out about the affair, she confronted Haley who said she would back off and let this family heal. All the while still face timing and chatting up the man, even while he was home telling his wife he wanted to work it out. He then got their brand new car impounded for 30 days while trying to go see this dirty slut. (karma at its finest for the man). She then offered this man who she’s only known less than 4 months, 3000$.. She has no shame and no guilt over the pain she caused the wife. The wife had a miscarriage during all this. Watch your men ladies. This Whore acts all sweet and innocent but she is a lying dirty slut who will bang married men with no shame. she acted so sweet to the wife several times while playing the dirty slut game. Karma will get you Haley Bannon. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. Home wrecking whores deserve to be exposed for what they truly are.

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