Disgrace to Muslims


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just wanna tell you about “Emma G” age 35!!!!! real name Myriam Ndayahoze who’s full time job is to ruin people lives. As a woman my self I’m very embarrass to even recognize this filthy whore as a female…she dated my brother for a short time and I’m afraid he will never be the same as he found out that she was not a Dentist as she claims but actually a former drug dealer now turn escort / scamer. She will pretend to be your partner but her objective is to get into your bank account and suck it dry!! To “All Guys” out their please be careful if approach by this home wrecker as she is also a positive carrier of several drd’s….my brother is now living with drd that cannot be cured and is 70,000 Dallas in depth because of her.She frequents several dating sites such as “Badoo,POF,Tag and Facebook!!! She uses the Muslim religion as a day to day disguise and at night she transform into a hooker/ escort on many sites such as Back Page n Craigslist.She will probably be glad when she sees this post as this will be a promotional to for her to get more sexual customers!!

Battling Signs of Aging


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sloot uses abortion as a method of birth control! She cheated on her ex when he was up north. She thinks she’s hot but truly she is gross. She has sex with tons of guys and dose not use protection, figures why she has had 6 abortions and has not plan on getting her tubes tied. She had fake boobs, tummy tuck and going for more surgery. She uses her child tax that she gets for her child with disabilities on plastic surgery . This sloot dose not have a job either. Anyways stay away from this chick she is a walking drd . I fair warned everybody !

Screwing our whole province


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a sad story, a story of losing hope. One day there was a horrible mistake in Alberta, this lady names rachel notley came into power and just started screwing everything. She screwed oil and gas, she screwed the farmers, screwed the coal miners, and finally aimed at screwing every hard working Albertan. With thousands of Albertans losing work what did she do, well she called her slutty friend Justin trudeau and proceeded to start double teaming Alberta. He f’ed Alberta just as hard as notley, said he wasn’t into any dirty pipelines for energy east, but released a Cleveland steamer all over the east coast through the St Lawrence. I personally know many who notley f’ed, and sadly she has three more years of f’ing Alberta. If she has f’ed you I am sorry. She has a diseased called unemployment and has been spreading all through Alberta. All you who are smart, move to Saskatchewan, save yourself a nasty ndp [screw]ing.

Jokeful Melissa


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first off she’s a gross slore, slut, and probably has slept with most of the guys Edmonton. She claims she’s a good mom but she’s not, I’ve seen this. She also lies to everyone to get whatever she wants, she also will do whatever for drugs, like coke and especially pain killers, she’s just a complete joke. She owes a lot of money to a lot people and comes up with the stupidest reasons why she can’t repay people. She has no f’ing shame, believe me, I hit it once and never again.

Mr. Perfect


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this boy is the most delusional man I have ever met. Not only is he a pathological liar, he lies so much he’s come to believe in it all. He’s a straight cheater. He doesn’t know how to keep his pants away from other women. Shows people how much of a “clean man” he is..complete opposite! Not only that, he’s a deadbeat father who hides the fact that he’s a father to begin with. He will boost how well paid he is and how established he is, yet he splurges his money like no tomorrow. I had to teach this loser what the word “savings” means haha. Oh and can we talk about his side hobbies other than the gym, like oh I don’t know a little bit of weed and pepsi?! But nah, he’s “straight edge”. This guy will lure you and tell you everything you want to hear. He’ll say how he wants to buy a house with you, save money in the same account with you, live with you, etc. Then he falls back into his old habits of being a little fuckboy and hop on online dating sites while he’s in a relationship like a little pig!

Player Warning


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, at 33, this guy dates girls on their early 20s and more than 1 at a time. He bought his last conquest her prom dress!!! He thinks he is gods gift to woman. He always have multiple girls on the go so he can make himself feel important. He can make you feel like your the only girl in the world, at the same time he has another girl servicing him. He using babe, Hun, and sweetheart cause he gets screwed up with which girl he is talking to.

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