Criminal Headcase


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick goes by the name Ashley Melo. If you’re ever in need of drugs, or having your D licked, sucked cleaned, this girl will do it all and, she’ll do it by stealing it or getting you jacked up. Known as Porch on 118 ave, also known to rip the nasty johns who want a piece of her dripping V. She is a heavy headcase always looking for her next high and will get it f’ing anyone over in her path. She will promise you anything and everything as long as she can give her or buy her a piece. She is known for jacking up dealers and lying to their face, buying dope and running off with your shi’. She’ll lie to rip off her friends and unfortunately, if you had the chance to sleep around and end up with her, get yourself checked out. This Porch slore is known for having serious drds!! Ashley Melo or Ascencao Skorepa, whatever she goes by, is also criminal on the run with some serious charges (click here for article) Stay far away from this one. She will get you raided, beat up by telling lies to whoever feels bad for her. I seen her phone and the desperate guys that text her. Douche guys like this have no idea what they are in for. Fair warning to others. Be very careful of this one. a criminal headcase on the run

Those sharpies need some serparation.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Crazy Danielle brown-myrie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lost cause is Danielle Brown-myrie she likes to proclaim she’s a model and an music artist… she is originally from Toronto but is now crawling around edmonton.. this piece of work is an escort no wonder why else would a man lower is standards to her… she’s a compulsive liar and will make herself seem like she’s a golden prize when she’s actually a complete joke… she can’t sing. nor rap she’s not even a bit photogenic.. she can easily be found around edmontons clubs every weekend on a different guy’s are every night she claims whey difgernet guy is her new man when in reality it’s a new pimp or client… she’s as dirty as nasty as they come… note to men stay clear of her she has had a history of drds and will not tell you. she’s clueless to the people around her who don’t like her and find her irritating as hell. shes literally desperate for attention for anyone that will give it . she has stalked a few of my friends while they are out with their girlfriend’s when they have made it clear to her dumb ads they aren’t interested she still tries…

Classic Crop


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kirsten morphy. I met her at a rave and she is the nastiest person ever! Her and her lowlife friends all so drugs and are so f’ed up. She messed around with her close friend Mandy’s boyfriend and asked me not to say anything. Mandy you need to get rid of this lowlife drug addict she wants your man! Loved meeting you all but Kirsten you are a lowlife piece of sh’t.

Definitely regulars.- nik

Bigheaded Dub n Redd


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This little slut is a gangster that reps A Dub and Redd Alert both gangs here in Edmonton, She is such a pinthead that a drug dealer punched her in the face and got her so-called boys to help her murder him and blamed another chick for her actions. Now this chick is under age and sitting in jail for a crime she didn’t commit because this loser claimed she was solid enough to do the time for her own crime. She doesn’t realize that everyone knows she mur**red that guy that was found dead on 95 st on Aug 31. The truth will come out Shalonda McKay Gray Laboucan or whatever boyfriends last name you can handle. Your so pathetic it makes me sick to look at you. Which is why your going down for what you did and that poor innocent girl sitting in jail for you has a Mom that is psycho as hell. You better come clean and start reppin one Gang only because you can’t rep both. That is called SHADY!

We’ve come full circle


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik your good buddy Gio has come full circle. Over the last 10 months he’s harassed people under the name of David Pizzey on Twitter and he was recently unmasked. It’s been proven that he’s posted Peter Skinner on this site twice and Holly Nicholas once. He’s threatened to post several other women and currently is trying extort Peter. Peter either leaves Twitter or Gio will post one of Peter’s friends here named Janice. Best of all the extortion is happening via this website! Since being busted he’s vanished. Gone like a fart in the wind. He’s harassed women to the point of sitting outside their businesses and told people not to go in. He’s posted in threads on this site celebrating 7 year old girls learning what bigotry is. I doubt this will actually get posted but I thought I’d give it a shot because it shows how this site has helped this guy harass people. Just look at the Peter Skinner threads. Peter’s had 10+ imagines removed via DMCA and Gio keeps posting them back. He’s threatened to post Kathleen Smith, Janice Funston, Carmen McConnell, and Jaclyn Jary here just to be a prick. Gio’s just a fat little rich kid. He works for his Parents coffee business called National Nesspressi and harasses people there. He’s useless. He’s constantly fat shaming people yet it you look at the pictures I’ve attached he’s no Fabio. This asshole should avoid glass houses at all cost. He deserves to be on this site since he loves it so much. He calls people sociopaths and psychopaths but who stalks and harasses people for almost a year? His full name is Giovanni Olivieri.

Player Donovan Calliou


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Donovan calliou. One of sucker creeks biggest players. You can find him anywhere in between sucker creek, high prairie, grande prairie and Edmonton. He’s the biggest douche bag out there. Slept with him twice and both times he gave me the c**p! I know it was him because after the first time I got treated and never slept with anyone then the second time I slept with him I had it again. All you girls who’ve ever had contact with him better get checked out. I can’t stand how he Always claims that he loves his gf on fb but yet he’s all up in my inbox telling me he misses me and he wants me lol donovan just because we banged at the pines party a few years ago and at my place a couple weeks ago doesn’t mean I want you. You should be staying loyal to your gf who you love so much. LOL did you tell her that you came to my house the other week? I’d tell her but that’s not my job lmao he’s got two kids who he never sees or supports. I feel bad for those kids cause even though his baby mom is a psycho the kids are still cute and don’t deserve to not have a dad in their life. a little advice to donovan, quit thinkin you’re all that, that everyone wants you cause they don’t. they only act like they want you because you won’t stop trying to get into people’s pants and basically forcing it on them. another piece of advice; get a job and stop living like a damn bum

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