Player Donovan Calliou


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Donovan calliou. One of sucker creeks biggest players. You can find him anywhere in between sucker creek, high prairie, grande prairie and Edmonton. He’s the biggest douche bag out there. Slept with him twice and both times he gave me the c**p! I know it was him because after the first time I got treated and never slept with anyone then the second time I slept with him I had it again. All you girls who’ve ever had contact with him better get checked out. I can’t stand how he Always claims that he loves his gf on fb but yet he’s all up in my inbox telling me he misses me and he wants me lol donovan just because we banged at the pines party a few years ago and at my place a couple weeks ago doesn’t mean I want you. You should be staying loyal to your gf who you love so much. LOL did you tell her that you came to my house the other week? I’d tell her but that’s not my job lmao he’s got two kids who he never sees or supports. I feel bad for those kids cause even though his baby mom is a psycho the kids are still cute and don’t deserve to not have a dad in their life. a little advice to donovan, quit thinkin you’re all that, that everyone wants you cause they don’t. they only act like they want you because you won’t stop trying to get into people’s pants and basically forcing it on them. another piece of advice; get a job and stop living like a damn bum

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Paige Whorestell needs to stop


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m amazed this sloot hasn’t been posted yet considering she’s F**ked half of Whyte Ave and cheated on everyone she’s dated She can be found wearing underwear as clothing throwing herself at any guy that will give her attention at The Buck, The black dog and pretty much anywhere hipsters congregate. She was dating a friend of mine even though we all warned him about her being a hooker and of course cheated on him. This ho wears more makeup than 99% of drag Queens out there, has f**ed close to a hundred guys and isn’t slowing down now! Steer clear of this insecure hoebag unless you just lookin to smash….Just make sure to get her out before you wake up with half her face on your pillow. She’s a liar, a cheat a f**king total head case and will use you for all the free sh*t she can, lead you on then bounce out for one of the other 5 guys she has on the go at any given time.

Crows nest is fitting.- nik

Charlene Odynski and Kris Funk


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these 2 things right here man are scum of the earth! This man has 4 kids he doesn’t even support! Cheats on his gf constantly even taking his 2 older boys to these other women’s homes!! Their youngest daughter is just about 2 and their oldest girl is almost 3! They smack these kids around non stop, scream at them to.shut up etc! He sits his ass at home day in and day out playing a video game at 34 years old not even taking care of his daughters, they go to her mom’s! This guy claims to be off the drugs but he’s not! And she enables him! This dirty girl even told me she had an drd and has For the last how many years!They were left homeless back in may because kris went on a cr*ck binge and came back and they both assaulted eachother! children’s services were going to take their children away but she ran away to hide with the same asshole who caused it! His boys mom ended up coming to his rescue and moving them all in with her only for them to completely rip her off, steal all her food, steal other expensive items, etc! They are nothing but sad excuses for parents! Noone like this should have children! Child abusers! Back 5 years ago Kris was also accused of touching a drunk girl whole she was sleeping!! Someone I know had to pull him off of her! Sick f”k! And this woman is no better! What kind of role model is this for her daughters?!?

Mind Game Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica Davies!!! This b**ch is a woman who likes to play mind games and goes after men who are married or in a long term relationship! Hold on to ur men ladies!! She has been cheating on her boyfriend for over a year and he has no idea!! Don’t trust this woman! She thinks she’s so damn hot but has slept with soooo many men from beaverlodge all the way to Edmonton!! So guessing her vagina is so destroyed and most likely has so many diseases!!! Gross!So please watch out for this whore!! And save her boyfriend from wasting more of his time with this slut. She is proud of being slut. Goes after men who’s relationship is rocky and they are vulnerable!!

Maid of dishonour


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Rachael schlachter. This dirt bag f’ed around with her supposed best friend’s now husband. This all went down only weeks before he proposed. Rachael enticed him with flirty sexy texts and got to the point where he showed up at her work with flowers and took her to lunch and apparently presented her with his dick. She says that’s all that happened and they didn’t have sex because he was too small. Said she felt sorry for her best friend because her man had such a small package. Pretty sure a lot more went down. She’s too scared to say anything to her best friend because she’s afraid she would be mad and not want to be friends. Well no sht! This b’tch had the nerve to stand beside her friend on her wedding day while she married the guy she was just recently messing around with.

Not even close to a playboy model


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shaylynn Lanelle and all her social media attention seeking is getting as old as she is, claiming to be this prestige model and aspiring playboy model. She used to be a working girl for years (escort) off craigslist with teola and then went to bartending when her boyfriend mario found out. Now all she does is spend money on photo shoots or does trade offs with guys for the pictures to post on her twitter and instagram. She has a native girl body (flat)wide and not flattering that will never make it to LA or anywhere out of edmonton. Go back to escorting so you can afford a car and not have to ask your bf for rides everywhere you go. She pounds on the makeup too, natural beauty is something she does not have and a model is naturally beautifully appealing. Its just got annoying how she thinks she’s better then other girls and makes all these lies up about a career she doesn’t have. Stick to your culture dances and possibly you can be a native inspiring model instead for flyers or posters. GIVE it up .

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