Troubled Mess

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ratchet is named Lisa Davis from Whitecourt Alberta, works in the health care field as a care aid…. cause that’s the only thing she could pass with is a certificate for her small brain. She works at [removed], . See Nik, I used to be good friends with this slore for many years so I know every dirty thing this c”t has done behind her bf! Poor guy…. he’s so absent minded as to what she’s pulling behind his back. The reason we’re not friends anymore is because that dirty fat whore sent my boyfriend nude pictures of herself to his phone, was trying like a basted to get him to go visit her while her “bf was away” buuutt we don’t deal with drd women, my bf showed me the whole conversations and showed me the nudes!!! Yuckk! Girl has got a spare tire all around her damn body! We just laughed and I confronted her about it but of course bi’hes be deny the sh’t s’it they do right! So I broke our friendship and now I’m here bashing her cause of her disgusting ways. At one point… two years ago she met up with a married man in WEM, went as far as sleeping with the dude, and when his wife found out she was literitly bragging about shoving her lose poon in his face! She has nooo care in the world about if someone is in a committed relationship or married! All men are a go for this tramp. She even tries to get guys from different provinces to come and “visit” her! All while this cunt has got a man of her own! But you know what he can keep up with that b.s, I know I wouldn’t want to be him. She lies to him all the time and he’s soo out of his head that he dose not see his bitch sending nudes to whom ever will put eyes on that piece of filthy trash! She should be fired from her job cause of her f’ing saggy poon lips spreading dieses across Canada. Yuck!!! She really belongs on a mattress, or has Whitecourt figured out she’s nothing but a town bicycle where as everyone gets a flat ride! So Whitecourt if you see this sluggish fat whore than keep an eye on your man! He will probably get some text messages from a too friendly neighborhood whore! Anyways girl you need to keep your fu”;ING panties glued to your hips, cheating, diseases, and being a straight out flabby cunt is not something people should aspire to be! Don’t! …. I mean do not try even pass her!

Cheating Tweaker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is another piece of sh’t; lying, cheating tweaked out me’h head! His name is Johnathan Darcy Oxner, he’s a former linebacker at Jasper Place Compisite High School; until he got kicked off his team for using me’h, and started influencing other team mates to try it out. He started lying to his current girlfriend, who has no idea that he’s using! He’s been telling her he’s clean, and done with that garbage, but the truth is I saw him flaild out 3 days ago. Oh, did I forget to mention he got his ex doing it to! She was a straight A student, and then he wrecked her life by chopping a line and telling her it was co*e. She’s now been on it for 1 1/2yr. He’s been sneaking off to go see his ex Cassandra (skank bag I like to call her), and bang her. All because she pays him so he can get his nasty ass drug. He hits we on, and when I girl wants to buy some off him; he makes her suck his dick if she’s wanting a front!

Family Love

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik ive finally done it. Ive finally narrowed down all the sloots in edmonton alberta and found the ULTIMATE slooty sloot in my poor drd filled city. This 18 yr old girls name is Dani, she goes by Dani Dendi on facecrack. Ive never met a girl so quick to open both her legs and her mouth. Not only does she get passed around through the group of guys she hangs out with but she also enjoys keeping it in the family. Shes currently knocked up, doesnt know who her baby daddy is, and has decided to start banging her methhead cousin morris on the side to fill the gap……between her legs haha. Shes been doing drugs the entire time shes pregnant ontop of trying to start fights then cries wolf saying shes going to charge everyone shes instigated to beef her with a murder charge of her child? Thats like eating at mcdonalds and then trying to pull a lawsuit cause they made you fat. She is famous for cheating on her boyfriends with their best friends so her pepsi supply doesnt dry out like her crusty vag. As well as posting half naked photos of herself on facebook while in relationships but hey we all need attention i guess. Im honestly so tired of this girl talking trash and causing problems for the people i care about because shes to messed up on meth and pepsi to grab a clue. I would just like to give her some advice and maybe she will listen if its posted here. 1) drugs and babies are a no no 2) if you dont want to be a sloot dont be 3) boning your cousin is just wrong like really ewwww 4) before a dna test can be done i’d be careful on who you claim is your baby daddy, because when it comes out looking like morris your gonna be in for a surprise

Natasha McSlore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to (one of) Edmonton’s biggest fat whores. She got posted on here before, and I’m not surprised. She fucks anyone that has cash, pepsi and booze. Oh and most importantly, men who are MARRIED. She grinds up on guys at the bar then goes home to her ‘boyfriend’. Meanwhile when he’s not with her, she’s at fantasyland hotel layin half naked with guys in the bed or sexting with other guys. But then controls her ‘boyfriend’ and tells him he can’t see his kids cause he isn’t allowed near his ex wife. natasha, you are a controlling home wrecking skank. quit destroying marriages and famiies! A REAL woman doesn’t covet other womans man. get a life and stop destroying families!

Definately a Pyschopath

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Anita Stavy has to be the most disgusting human ive ever met in my life. Thinks the government and others shud take care of her becausr she has a kid, no self respect, no work ethic, a complete loser lowlife with nothing else in mind bt to take ur money get m**h and be high. She has no family or friends does anyone ever wonder why? Probably because shes a pathetic excuse for a human being and shud be put down. Save urself the mystery, shes a terrible lay, has a bad attitude and even worse teeth, has a sh*t reputation, a known junkie (considering the only one she can live with is a known addict) and just a horrid person . Shell try to twll you a sob story but remember she probably has a sob story because of all the other ppl shud ripped off hurt and the lives shes ruined. I feel sorry for her rly. Ur life is a train wreck because u are an aweful self severing whore with nothing else better to do than b*tch and moan like a moron.

My Biggest Mistake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this crazy actually believes in her head that her and I are meant to be…I not only allowed her to get me high at work while her and I both ran heavy equipment at Macroe const. But I allowed her to tell me every day how much I needed her & how useless my living wife was. My boys, my clean sober life! No I’m not saying she made me as it was my choice to say yes but after 4 months of getting high on meth & drinking on the job, I was addicted not only was I now using meth at work but at home. Where I was lying to my wife and children…becoming violent in so many ways….distant to the love of my life and for what?? To get high and f”k some nasty pig that would allow anyone to pound her anywhere, like the nasty slut she is… Every time I would start to sober up who’ d be around to pick me up? Who’ d spent her days just staring at me & texting me about how she couldn’t wait to suck my dick! Hell this dirty bag even let me bang her in bushes, and sucked my cock in the trailer at work. Her mother Debbie Mueller sends down her oxys every few months for Jen to sell and trade for sexual favors….I hate to admit it but this crazy chick just can’t get the hint! She’s messaged my ex, called my mother trying to convince her she wasn’t a drug addict merged out junkie homewreaking ditch pig from Fairview Alberta. She even went as far as to threaten me daily at work that if I didn’t come fu** her she was going to tell my wife everything….but stupid me had a gorgeous most caring unselfish woman I could ever ask for and I threw it all away over this pig this crazy ass clinger that believes she’s supposed to be with every & anyone that gives her attention after she gets them hooked on m’th or cr**k whatever her drug of choice maybe at the time….thank you Lisa for all your helpful info about this crazy lying addict…I may have lost everything in my life but I swear I will do all I can to try and get it back. I just wanted to warn all those loving, devoted, caring wife’s girlfriends out there to watch out for this woman protect your man…don’t believe when they tell you she’s a cool chick, just a girl through work….she watch my wife drop me off & pick me up from work daily, watched me kiss her good bye & hello every evening. First time my wife and I get into an agruement at work, what does Jen do….she comforts me with vodka and m’th, tells me she understands that she too has an abusive boyfriend. Addict to cr’ck which is why and how she got into the drugs in the first place. She too need and wanted a way out, tell me just how much she appericates me and how much I deserved someone to appericate me and that my wife wasn’t the woman that did….Jen could see how much my wife took me for granted and never appericated me. But Jen did so much she fed me meth daily she keep me company all day long. Tell me how much I meant to her how much she wanted my big hard cock….to suck it, ride it hard….fuck how could any man high refuse??? So yes ladies beware of the tramp, pig, drug addict, home wreak n whore and men don’t make this your last mistake she will haunt you and never let you be she becomes infatuated gets you hooked gets what she wants them threatens you to be with her or she’s tell everyone everything….and ruins your life and then still gets to be in your life non stop messages, calling family members begging, pleading for one to be with her as she belongs with everyone willing to put there dick in her!!

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