Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet “Eyewear is Art” Launch

Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet “Eyewear is Art” Launch.

We’ve never understood why these eyewear launch parties are at night, but if you can convince Kourtney Kardashian to come to your event for free … we guess it makes sense.

As far as the new eyewear collection. Love the large circles, hate the 2016 squares. Grade: B+

Congrats on the launch Stacey!

Kelly Osbourne Goes Full Mohawk And Man-Bun

For someone whose career was resurrected because of Joan RiversFashion Police … Kelly Osbourne has zero fashion sense in the hair department. The shaved sides is so 2015. Actually, now that we see her outfit … overalls with a winter coat? Ugh. Full scam.

Here’s Osbourne at the premiere of ‘SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock’. We guess she can claim her violet mohawk is rockstar status … maybe this is all an act to help support the Rock doc.

Kirsten Dunst Is A Floral Fashion Disaster

Kirsten Dunst Is A Floral Fashion Disaster
PRN/PR Photos

We’ve never really understood the beauty that is Kristen Dunst. From what we can remember she was hot for two seconds during a wet upside down Spiderman scene. Since then she’s been pretty much forgettable.

Now she wears this? We get that spring calls for florals, but seriously KD this print makes you look pregnant and showcases your double chin. We recommend firing the stylist.

Wait, maybe you are pregnant.

What The Hell Is Kim Kardashian Wearing

If you noticed on KUWTK that every outfit has to be approved by Kanye West because he makes really good shoes by Adidas. Seriously though, what the hell is Kim Kardashian wearing?

This outfit is beyond fashion … it’s just plain ugly. It’s like the worst wedding dress ever and gives people the itch to push her in a pool.

Come on Kim, choose your own clothes. Also, stop filming the back of Dave Grutman‘s head! It’s messed up.

Olivia Holt Takes Direction Well

Olivia Holt recently appeared at an event for Dolce and Gabbana on the red carpet and, while there, proved she’s really good at taking directions.

She stopped for photos and proved she’s a good listener.

When paparazzi ask for her to look straight ahead – she does. Ask her to look to the right? She will. Give a big smile? She complies.

She’s a paparazzi’s dream and, if she acts like this on set, a director’s dream.