Rita Ora Proves You Can Never Go Wrong In Chanel

Rita Ora appeared on the red carpet at the amFAR Gala in France, where she was performing.

In the clip above, Ora talked about her new single and her performance, but the one thing that stood out to us was when she said “you can never go wrong in Chanel.” 

While there are some celebs who definitely could go wrong- likely even in chanel- Rita’s definitely not one of them. Her outfit is on point, she looks good, and she knows it.

We like confidence. It’s attractive. Keep it up, Rita.

Wolk Morais Collection 5 Fashion Show

Last night New York OG’s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais took Los Angeles by storm at legendary Yamashiro restaurant in Hollywood. The restaurant famous for the Marlon Brando classic Sayonara.

The Japanese restaurant turned runway had an epic showing with big celebs in attendance.

Stylist Elizabeth Smart crushed it. The 1940’s inspired hair made the clothes look and feel light… it was awesome.

Chrissy Metz- We Love You, But Not In This Outfit

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz has been inspirational to watch on the show, as her character has grappled with being overweight and all the issues that can come with that. Aside from her character, we’ve also appreciated watching Metz prove that weight should not define your ability to take on important roles in Hollywood and that weight should also not define if you’re attractive or not, as Metz is truly pretty.

For all of these reasons, we’re big fans of Metz.

With that being said, we were not fans of her choice of outfit at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. While Metz appeared to be smiling and happy to be in the outfit, it wasn’t a good look for her. You have to dress in things that are appropriate for your body, and this outfit simply did nothing but accentuate her weight- and not in a good way.

Chrissy, may we suggest two old fashion rules- dress for success and dress to impress. Unfortunately, in our opinion, this outfit did neither. Better luck next time.

Alexandra Daddario Scores Major Red Carpet Outfit Win

Actress Alexandra Daddario appeared on the red carpet at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards… and completely rocked it.

Daddario wore a gorgeous dress that had an almost art piece quality to it. The dress, which had alternating segments of black and beige, had interesting layers to it, with some parts having lace, and the bottom exposing one leg and not the other.

For the interesting factor alone, Daddario’s red carpet outfit choice was a win. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s attractive and her makeup was on point. Nice work, Alexandra.

Gigi Hadid Proves Why She’s Becoming An Icon

Gigi Hadid showed up at the Met Gala and absolutely was hands down one of the best dressed people there. Hadid rocked an absolutely stunning dress that was completely innovative. It was a one shoulder dress that was short but with an extension piece on one side that also allowed her to show off one of her gorgeous legs.

We’re not doing it justice with our description, but you can see what we’re talking about in the clip above.

It’s clear why Hadid is becoming a fashion icon. She owns any carpet she’s on and, if she keeps making outfit choices like this, will only continue to grow in stature.

Jennifer Lopez Appears With A Rod At Met Gala, Looks Like She Might Trip

Jennifer Lopez, unsurprisingly, arrived with Alex Rodriguez to the Met Gala. While we called them the ‘it’ couple recently – and we’re standing by that- this video clip of her arrival has us nervous for Jennifer… because she looks like she may trip on her dress.

While we like the dress- and think she looks gorgeous in it- we feel like she should have chosen something to wear that she didn’t need to be escorted up the stairs in.

What if A Rod needed to use the bathroom at the same time she did? How would she walk? It’s giving us anxiety to think about.