Locally Known Nationally Feared


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty bitch will move you right in as long as you support her **th habit or adderall habit. She has f’ed every m”h dealer and m*’h maker in Johnston County NC. And girls don’t let her fool you,she will act like your friend only to get close to your man. If she thinks she can get money from your man to support her habit, she try to scoop him right up. She couldn’t even keep custody of her teenage siblings because of her drug habits. She’s a low life piece of sh’t. The only reason she has a house is because her mother passed away and left it to her to raise her siblings in,now she lost custody of them and is behind on her mortgage. She doesn’t gave a job,her job is scouting for men to support her drug habit and pay her bills. She needs a good ass whooping from one of these girls that Jackie tries to get their man. Nasty M”h Head slore,Hell Smithfield Police Department even knows what she does and has a nickname for her,that’s how bad this girl is.

Psychotic and Abusive


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he has been posted here before.. But he was living in kansas at time. He was stationed at bragg up until a week ago when he got out for goos. I read the sh’t that was said about him a while back, and rolled my eyes and continued to give him the benefit of a doubt. Long story short… I married him, got pregnant and he started to get abusive. Almost every argument we got into, he’d choke me or pin me down on the bed and scream in my face till I start to cry. We were only married for 6 months. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant with his child and just recently, he left me and my son that looked up to him. He’s a bad guy. Stay away from him. He will use every line in the book. He will get u pregnant and leave. Everything that was said about him in the past, is true. Please, if you ever see this man, stay clear. He’s no good.

Amber Nolen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Can someone help me understand how showing your boobs is cute on a dating website? Guess all she’s got to give is sex. Meanwhile this thing, amber nolen is calling a ton of others trashy. Her PiC is next to the definition of white trash in the dictionary. (Also notice the huge FUPA)lmfao

James Risenhoover


THE DIRTY ARMY: James is a 26 year old man who loves getting with 16 year olds. He is currently with a 16 year old right now and they get into fights constantly about her not wanting to take certain drugs because she has a job. He is accused of hittingo and throwing things at her and decides to come to her house In the middle of the night to yell. He does drugs such as meth, cocain, and herion. He let’s under age girls drink and smoke. He has a baby momma and refuses to pay child support.

Brittany Edwards


THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Edwards is a psychotic chick local to Fayetteville, NC And travels to Miami FL escorting for a drug money. She slept will everyone, and recently went after my Bf. Come to find out she’s all over Backpage in Fayetteville or Miami!! She always brags about her money and talks ghetto all as hell.. She has no class at all!! She started to show signs of her drug addiction and will flip a trick for anything. This dirty hoe deserves to be put on blast she is gross!

The Coward at Appalachian State


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this frequently bow tie wearing, shy looking snake in the grass is actually a serial cheater. He is 19 years old, in college and has been cheating on his girlfriend with girls in high school. His sexuality is also at question as well as his general morals. When he is not singing in his all male voice group (closet), he is pretending he doesn’t have a serious girlfriend and picking up anything with a heart beat. This coward didn’t even have the balls to face his long term girlfriend after she found out about all of this mess. Watch out girls at Appalachian, don’t let the glasses and bow tie fool you. Human garbage.

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