John de Nugent

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am Henrik Holappa, a Finnish activist and author for our European heritage and freedom. I am writing from Oulu, Finland. John de Nugent still promotes his supposed support for me on his blog. He uses me as a claim to fame of his own dedication to our people. In fact it is all a big lie. I have stayed silent on this far because I can’t stand division among supposed fighters for European Heritage, but I have been so appalled by John de Nugents evil, Jewish-lies, and his base attacks on Don Black and David Duke, Willis Carto and others, that I have to disassociate myself from this person who I truly believe is a paranoid Schizophrenic, a bipolar (which he himself has claimed), mentally ill person who is now doing exactly what the ADL wants – an attack on some of the hardest working and best leaders for our people in the world. John De Nugent puts my name on the front page of his blog and promotes himself as someone who helped me when I was in America, when the true fact is that John De Nugent used me to advance his own agenda, he collected money from patriots for my defense fund when my lawyers and I did not receive a penny, He extracted from me what little money I had and actually tried to convince my sister to get my bank account Internet access information and passwords so he steal money from my accounts…..Cont here.…Do America a favor Nik and put this lunatic on blast!!

Do me a favor and learn how to summarize…click here for the rest of the novel

No Edit

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, found this drug using asian chick on instagram. Jus wanted to say about her #nomakeup #noedit is just bs. 3rf picture is not edited but 1st and 2nd looks the same with the wierd dolly glow. FRAUD! xD

No edit eh….why’s your chin invisible?- nik

Would You With This Finnish Carrot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do peopel see in blond orange girls? I’m sure I will never understand but it look ridiculous..well thats what I think. What do you think? Would you with this finnsh-blond-blogger-carrot?

Being Orange cuts down on girls Mac costs…its for heavy coaters.- nik

Girls In Finland Are Delusional As Well

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have a great website and I must say that I have not read your blog for very long time but I already like it. Thanks man for the great website. I am not sure how many Finnish girl have been on your website so I decided to send you this. She is Finnish or so I think and she calls herself Jennie Sweetrevolver aka Finnish barbie. I am not sure where she lives. I suppose it is Helsinki. I do not really know this girl but I love her ass! I think she is perfect Dirty Celeb material.. What do you think Nik?

I think she is ugly. Her nose doesn’t make sense to me.- nik

The Best Nanny You’ll Ever Find

The Best Nanny You'll Ever Find

The Best Nanny You'll Ever Find

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found the perfect Nanny for your baby. Her name is Marianna and she’s a blogger. She lives in Finland. She’s also drop dead gorgeous. And has all the qualities you’re looking for. So,what do you think, would you hire her?

Her legs and arms are perfect size for a Nanny, but any girl who constantly takes pictures with her head to the side is hiding an ugly face. I need more intel… something straight on.- nik