Luke Hiles aka Vadim Black Will Lie And Cheat On You

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here’s the Dirt! Ever watch MTV’S truelife? In December the show “Im a gay for pay actor” aired and featured Luke Hiles, aka Gay Porn Star Vadim Black. He was showcased as someone who has been able to keep his extensive porn record, 2 years and 50+ videos from his girlfriend (who has plenty of gay friends, have you.) by telling her he’s a professional model at 5’5 and has to travel constantly. Like we believe that she didn’t ask any questions when True Life came knocking at her house? Any one from Fairborn, Dayton and Xenia Ohio know what a liar, user and has a long mean(or better, psycho streak). He was adopted at 10 by a good family and gave them nothing but trouble. Ask around town, and you’ll get some crazy stories about the guy. He likes to tell his sob story that he lost everything from the porn and was put out by his family and friends. Thats total BS, people looked the other way and his parents said they’d put it behind them if he stopped. He made his decision and left town on his own, why? Because he wanted to do gay porn! All the interviews where he says he was woken up and kicked out of house at 6 am was a lie. He lied to the studio he worked for in order to get free rent and a free ticket out of town. He’s very active on twitter on once went on a rant that he hated gay people.  He was pretty much forgiven by the gay community and was given more video deals! He’s a psycho and at 5’5 he has quite the Napoleon complex. Don’t let his sob story make you trust him. He will find a way to cheat you, he will find a way to use you and he will find a way to make you fit into his selfish goals.

If you do Gay porn you are Gay… end of story.- nik

I Wonder Why She Has So Much Money And Doesn’t Work

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, it amazes me that she has all this money and she travels all over and does not even work. She likes red bottoms and you know what that means-she’s a whore.. She needs her boobs done they look like flapjacks and who still does the duck face anymore… She’s a selfish and rude person, I also heard she sucks in bed-so good luck with that..

I agree on the boob job. How can you live with breasts like that?- nik

Bianca Lemay has a Greg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- Bianca Lemay aka LeMAN Iam tired of seeing your sweaty ass all over Fort Lauderdale. Can someone buy this dyke a car already, I don’t want to see any more sweaty bike selfies all over the Internet of you. Please invest in some extra strength clinical deodorant and stop using old spice and axe your a lady not a man. Also why do you dress like you got all of your clothes from the sales rack at hot topic?!? Either you are a cross dresser or you really want to join fall out boy. I am also concerned about your appearance, such as your hair, why do you constantly walk around with that emo hair style, Girl bye. It’s doing nothing for you. You always remind me of a wet dog of a bag of dirty laundry, I bet you have a pile of dishes stacked up in the sink at your house. I would never ever get a tattoo from someone who takes no effort into their hygiene or personal apperance. It’s time for your to take a shower, slap some deodorant on and put down that Invisible dick that you have and act like a lady, and for the life of me please bru your teeth I hate taking to you when your breath smells like that.

I don’t doubt it.- nik

Five Years Later

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Still at it five years later. John Pennacio, aka John Ponch, John Capri, Big John is still at it with his army of 16-21 year old twinks. This guy has CHILDREN this age and he continues this craziness. He currently has two that live with him and ‘cuddle’ and they smoke pot all day every day. Blast him and let people know he’s not ’38’ anymore!

Rich Lippner Is Addicted to Drugs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember Rich Lippner who killed 2 girls a few years ago?? I think he’s going for a lucky number three. He is currently housing a her**ne addict and giving her cash to support her addiction and to keep her around. He is extremely needy and can’t live without a girlfriend. He pays them all to keep him company and deal with him. He’s jumped around to four different relationships this year. The guy can’t even be single for a week! He seeks out young strippers with daddy issues that need a roof over their head. He houses them then promptly feeds them all kinds of drugs so they become dependent on him. This stripper by the name of “Abby rose” is a hard core heroine/pill addict. They’re a match made in heaven… Until he overdoses her like all the rest! Any thoughts Nik?

This chick has gut bumper.- nik

Max Marine ripped me off

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I bought a radio off of their e-bay page. The stereo was broken and defective. I tried to call Max to return it and he told me that “it was my problem.” He also made vulgar remarks about my wife. This guy is pure scum do not do business with him, go to West Marine instead.

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