Luke Hiles is the Gay 4 Pay that keeps on giving

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Are you ready for more Luke Hiles and Katelin Valliere drama? Here’s the news. Mr. Luke Hiles AKA gay porn star and reality TV failure “Vadim Black” has recently moved into the territory of transsexual porn. He recently posted many photos of a new shoot he did with a transgender classmate from his hometown. I hope they remember how homophobic Luke was in High School. Not only did he shoot trans scenes, he did a number of gay scenes. He posted on twitter saying how excited he was to shoot a scene with the guys and requested to the director over twitter that he room with a specific guy. His girlfriend, Katelin Valliere must be livid to know he having so much fun at his “job”, while she stays at home in Florida dealing with the fact that he flies out to have plenty of gay sex bareback and return to her like nothing happened. He had an indiegogo up where he was asking for $30,000 for his secret project that failed. He got $101 dollars in the end. But don’t feel too bad, he recently earned his high school diploma and he’s eager to enlist, so let’s applaud that. Luke Vadim Hiles is the gift that keeps on giving.

Pictures are not of Him

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the pictures this guy uses is actually from a gay porn site known as Evan Rivers who is a young gay porn star in the Miami area. Passes himself off as someone he is not. He is not 6’3 but stands 5’4 lives with his mother in the Ft lauderdale area. He is not in Honolulu and never has been. He has been on probation for the past 3 yrs for fraud claims for unemployment. He has adult children. He is definitely not 35 but is 57 check for who he really is and what he looks like. A total creeper, can never meet for one reason or another. He needs to be stopped!

Kristie’s trying something new

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you remember Kristie? Of course you don’t. This junkie isnt worth remembering. I guess since she can’t get anyone to believe her false pregnancies anymore she’s resorted to full on prostitution. Looks like she’s even found a man who’s okay with it. Gross. She also goes by Anna (her escort name) and since she’s “pregnant” every 6 months with a new man’s baby it skeeves me out to know Any one could be such a c’ dumpster

Vandim Black is as gay for pay as you can get

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Luke Hiles has to take pills to get it up with attractive men, how does he think he is going to be able to with fat, old and smelly guys? I wonder if the turn-ons are really his turn-ons or if they are just the list of services?

More on little Gus Renny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he bought a dog that looked just like his stalking vuctim’s and sent it to her child so that little girl would think he was safe. Disturbing!!! (click here for article)

Also See: Escapes Prosecution

Psycho Stalker Escapes Prosecution

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Gus Renny is at it again. He stalked his girlfriend (former), Lorrie into leaving the state of Florida. He paid her off to escape “further” prosecution. Told the Judge in open court tgat he hadnt vontacted her but tripped himself up and got caught in a lie. He’s done this extreme stalking via his minions gor years. He is a total nutbar. He dud it to his gormer business partner, his modt “recent” business partner, and Lorrie’s attorney. He lies, cheats, steals, stalks, and buys hus way out of most things. He even stalks their children. Absolutely despicable. He’s now messed with people that won’t back down. The FBI will fry his corrupt 5’4″ little man down to rubble. He’s alreafy cheating on his Wife! Disgusting waste if gledh.

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