Did Gayden Solo Get Work Done

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what is with your employee Gayden Solo… did he finally accept his gayness and get a couple procedures?

That’s not Gayden, but I can see the resemblance in the jawline.- nik

Is This For Real


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did Gayden Solo really give up his job at the dirty to become a alligator wrestler?? He keeps updating his profile with all these pictures with him and alligators. I don’t get it, id love to work for you, thats my dream job…are you hiring?? I left all my contact info if you are.

Gayden Solo is the longest surviving Dirty World employee. He is still working for me, but yes he wants to be an alligator wrestler. He has been in Florida for a month trying to “find himself”. I refuse to fire him because he is the only retard that has never got caught up in the drugs, booze and automatic sex (hopefully female) that comes with this job.- nik

Jeff Schroeder Is A Weirdo


THE DIRTY ARMY: So this Nik, this guy was mass spreading his Flikr account on random girls on nexopia, I asked him about it and he started to randomly call me a dumb b*tch, like going off like a 15 year old, he then added me on facebook telling me the same sh*t, and so I mass sent it to his friends but the only thing he said I cant do is send it on the dirty so here it is.

Jeff Schroeder looks like a younger Gayden Solo… it kind of weirds me out.- nik

What Happened Saturday Night


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw Gayden out and about on Saturday night and the dude was WHITE BOY WASTED.  I tried saying I’m DA Strong but he could not understand anything and started mumbling about some 14 year old dying.   I tried taking a picture but no flash came so it was dark… Does anyone know what else happened, because he was a mess.  Glad to see he is alive.

He wasn’t mumbling, he is Canadian.- nik

Gayden Anderson


Gayden Anderson

Gayden Anderson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik – DA Strong for a few years now! I’ve never submitted anything until now… and while this isn’t even real “dirt”… I want to know, am I the only one who thinks Blake Anderson (from Workaholics) and Gayden look exactly the same (when Gayden has the creepy ‘stache, anyway)?

Holy sh*t… Gayden you need a perm and you and Blake could be lovers.- nik

Hey Everyone Come See How Good I Look


Gayden Solo: Eh nik, I finally shaved.  I thought I’d show you some photos of the process and well you know cause I’m gay like that.  I was looking pretty mangy but I still miss my beard; I saved it in a ziplock bag, not sure what to do with it now.  Thought I’d ask which Gayden everyone likes best so I can groom myself accordingly.  I personally like zee ticklaire which is why I overloaded one size with a couple of them.  New years is looking pretty good now that I don’t look like a bum.

Great, now you look Gay again. You need to grow it back out and dye it jet Black.- nik

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