I’m tired of these wannabe models

I’m tired of these wannabe models

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl here named Vanety de Cassia is a self-absorbed, arrogant liar. She’s lying to herself, her followers, her friends and her non existent family (her father don’t care for her but she is always so proud to call herself brazilian when she can’t even speak either portuguese nor croatian). She is the typical fake instagram model with “model, traveler and student” in her bio. And HEAVILY photoshopped pictures.

She wants everyone to think that she’s doing so well and that her life is so great (and she really wants people to think that she’s working hard for it. She doesn’t work hard for it. Spreading legs is not hard work). What few of her followers (most of them are generated with a program (yes, she wants to be famous and an instagram influencer so bad, that she always try to find a way to generate followers and most of them are ghost followers or from india etc) know, is that she sells herself for money (as you can see on the picture above; this is one of her verified(!) accounts on a Sugardaddy page).

I think exposing these fake wannabe models is important. It’s not even about these wannabe models earning money with opening their legs, it’s more like they’re hiding it and pretending they would never do it and that their luxurious lifestyle is hard earned (lol). And thus portray a false image to everyone even their own enviroment (she has a boyfriend and cheats on him with sugardaddys). I can only appeal to all the young women out there not to take this instagram world seriously.

Everyone is supposed to be a model or an influencer today, everybody can afford everything and everyone travels around the world (and yes she also was in dubai for sucking and f*cking and we all know why she is travelling alone so much), etc. But things don’t go that well and your model career is not that great when you have to sell yourself additionally and piss in the mouths of men for a living . So she better stop faking her lifestyle. On a side note: I hate these hotel pictures these hoes be taking. Bi$h, we all know why you were in this hotel room.

I didn’t read anything you said. I’m here for the pictures.- nik