EXCLUSIVE: NBA star Gilbert Arenas – Serves Baby Mama Laura Govan with New Legal Papers, Demands She Hand Over Financial Docs For Him to Examine

The Dirty can exclusively disclose NBA star Gilbert Arenas has served his baby mama Laura Govan with new legal papers … this time demanding she hand over her financial records for him to examine in hopes he can use the information to collect on the $110k she owes him.

Arenas sued his baby mama – they share 4 kids – accusing her of concocting an evil scheme to humiliate him in the press – and spreading lies about him giving her STD’s.

He explained Govan was bitter after he broke up with her. She decided to write an email to him with the line, “When I left you it was because I couldn’t take the STDs.”

However, he says the accusations are false and she knew it was a lie. Govan allegedly leaked the email to several websites. He sued his baby mama demanding damages for the humiliation the stories caused him. Recently, the judge awarded Arenas a default judgement in the amount of $110,100 … ordering Govan to up to her baby daddy.

Arenas & Govan have had an off-again, on-again relationship for years but the last couple have been extremely NASTY!!