Caroline Kaj of Ottawa

Caroline Kaj of Ottawa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fugly troll is Caroline Kaj. Caro. C**ty Caro. Vokdermort #2. She spends her days bullying people on Facebook groups and throwing her friends under the bus. She’s the biggest backstabber ever. Her man’s a drug dealer and she stupidly flaunts his stuff on Facebook. She’s f**king retarded. She’s pathetic. She’s just down right foul. She’s a racist. She uses peoples addictions and dissibilities against them. She works at a bank and goes into people she knows accounts to snoop. Which I’m sure is illegal. It’s RBC bank. Hide yo wives, hide yo grandmamas, and hide yo selves from this.


Playboy wants to charge me money to be featured

Playboy wants to charge me money to be featured

THE DIRTY ARMY:  NIK WARNING; this post is a touchy subject. It’s about PLAYBOY and how the brand has officially gone down the shitter thanks to a certain photographer. Playboy is no longer paying models. IN FACT; they are now charging them. Does this seem right? Playboys are now not paying models or putting them in for free but charging models up the ass to appear in their magazine naked. I can proudly say I got in by myself before the big switch happened. The full switch to only paying happened a few months ago although paid positions have been around for about two years. I’m sure you’ve seen A LOT of models get into playboy now. Are they really all playmates? No. They just paid the right person. Certain photographers have RUINED the industry.

I won’t name names but I’m sure you can guess. Thanks for making many girls have to pay to appear naked buddy. And we know all your Instagram followers were bought too. The likes just don’t match up. So obvious. And as if you didn’t have enough $$$ already. Bet you feel really tall controlling the industry. And you know whose getting these $6000 covers? The only girls who can afford it. Strippers and escorts. Thanks for putting these types of girls in. Of course you know where to find them.

Hugh Hefner is rolling in his grave somewhere. Want the price list? Slovakia and South Africa: 250-500 US. Then this guy charges the model another 4,000 to guarantee publication. What a scam artist. Venezuela: 4000 for pictorial. 4000 for playmate if the month. 6,000 for a cover. This photog has a vendetta against my photog that got me in. He feels threatened by his work. He took it upon himself to message every playboy saying he will pay them all to push my guy out of business the wrong way. If only he relied on his talent instead which I admit he does have. He started in Slovakia, then Venezuela, then Croatia.

He is trying to close off South Africa and Sweden so everyone who wants to get in will be forced to pay his outrageous fees. Thanks for ruining the industry. The only way to stop this is if no one pays anymore. Then Playboy will have no one paying them. But unfortunately this is nearly impossible now that every girl has the opportunity to pay for title of playmate. Playboy should be ashamed. Their is no more quality girls. Just who can pay. Disgusting! I’m not a hater I’m just a truth teller!

I’m guessing PLAYBOY has no idea this is happening. It’s their staff/contractors shaking down these desperate women.- nik


Brian McCarty of Chicago

Brian McCarty of Chicago

THE DIRTYARMY: Nik, v from Oak Lawn who has has been on Tinder for over two years looking for love and just and seem to cant find the one, so now he is looking for a sugar baby also known as a escort. Paying for love ? This guy is really pathtic now. He tries to lure women into his south loop condo by taking them to breakfast at Yolk. Tries is the key word. He graduated from Oak lawn High School they even wrote a article on this lunatic liar. Lets hope it gets back to them so they show those young men how not be when they grow up.

He was my ex until an escort reached out to me saying many things that I thought weren’t true until she sent me the email receipts from this lunatic. Even the Chase bank deposits he sent to her for his sick ass fetish. He has been stalking her sending threatening messages, Making fake Twitter handles and even bothering her family now.

Any women that see this stay far away. He is heavy on dating platforms. I then dug a little further to look up his name on the internet and many things has come up all the way back from 2004. It seems we have us a scam artist and also a mentally disturbed individual. He shared stories of his mother having serious mental issues and even his sister. I always thought his stories were so bizarre, that now I’m staring to know he has this serious health issue also. It is really sad. Hopefully one of his family members finds this post and find the help that he actually needs. I will be sure to spread the word over in Oaklawn neighborhood and his condo building just so everyone can know what they are living amongst. And so his old H.S can know what type of lunatic they awarded. Maybe they can have his article taken down who wants such a thing associated with their H.S full of promising young adults. Brian, baby, I hope you find the help that you seriously need. I will only include a picture of him that I took while on our road trip to Detroit for women to know that he is mentally ill. I cropped my face out due to not wanting to be associated with him and his disgusting illegal behavior.


Beware of Tristan Poirier of Coquitlam

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I dated Tristan Poirier for a few months last year, seemed really nice (though clingy) at first. Then started only texting and calling when it was at his own convenience. I would be at work and he’d call thinking I was ignoring him. I lived in Abbotsford so it became a chore to make set plans. He would end up driving to see me and complain about how much gas money cost. Being on EI at no fault of his own, were his explaination, when a few times he mentioned he signed a contract agreeing to leave his own company, so seemed a little weird. Trying to reason and feel loved by Tristan became a challenge over time when he talked to me less and became moody as well as distant. This guy has serious mental health issues. As I began hanging out with my best friend, the closer we became, then Tristan became clueless to what we were as boyfriends, since he stopped wanting to drive out to see me or put effort into the relationship. I ended up texting and ending it and dating my good friend, since Tristan would never make an effort to meet and end it face to face. Beware of this guy, he will only break your heart and self worth.


Does anyone know who this is!?!?

Does anyone know who this is!?!?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, does anyone know who this disgusting human being is??? She works at Sears Kildonan Place in the baby section. You can find her standing around looking like a cracked out Mary-Kate Olsen. Her hideous makeup (which matches her teeth) will certainly stand out. I don’t normally post people on here but she is a straight up piece of sh*t! I watched her belittle an old woman in front of a crowd of people and she then called her manager (Alex) who backed up her.

She stood next to him and laughed at the woman. She is the most pathetic excuse for a woman I have ever seen. She’s short with black hair and drawn on thick eyebrows. I snapped a pic of her because I seriously want a few words with her. Someone needs to teach this skunt some manners and I happily volunteer. No one disrespects your elders like that and gets away with it. Please leave any info you have on her in the comments.

They look like vampires… I think her name is Bella.- nik


Why did Bartlett get rid of her +2’s

Why did Bartlett get rid of her +2’s

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, it took years to convince Leanna Bartlett to get +2’s so why did she remove them? Total down grade and now she’s back to a 6.75. P.s. Thanks for adding Laguna Beach, we need the love.

I don’t think she removed them… LB either went smaller or they are super deflated from flash photography. Yes, the flash pulses the cc’s to melt. It’s very common.- nik

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