18 Year Old Stripper


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18 yr old Pregnant stripper that will sleep with your boyfriend!

18 yr old Pregnant stripper that will sleep with your boyfriend!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Brooke, or Erica. She posted something about me, so i thought i would return the favor! Starting off she’s 18, she is now pregnant and has no clue who the father is it could actually be my ex fiance. She is ALSO a stripper a dirty one at that, she’s does alot more in those Vip’s than you think. Why i hate her? I took her in because the poor little b*tch had nowhere to go, i fed her, took care of her, let her live with me.. and to show her gratitude.. she went out of her way to f*ck my fiance! She’s so wrapped up on being a hardcore scene girl that any guy with a piercing and a tattoo she will gladly sit on their greg with joy! Not to fast, i did know this girl very well, so make sure you do get tested afterwards… Her crotch smells like old greg.. god you could smell her if she was in the same room as you. Disgusting, even though she is only 18 in the time i knew her she slept with to my knowledge 2-3 different guys a week, and then chased after my future husband and father of my child, she actually helped him pack his stuff and took him back home. Maybe some of you like cellulite from the hips down? Cottage cheese heaven!

So the question is are you still with your future husband because if you are… you are just like her.- nik

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