EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent – Accused of Screwing Over Auto Shop To Tune of $21k Over Rapper’s Bentley Mulsanne

EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent – Accused of Screwing Over Auto Shop To Tune of $21k Over Rapper’s Bentley Mulsanne

The Dirty can exclusively reveal rapper 50 Cent is accused of screwing over an auto shop to the tune of $21k for work they performed on his Bentley Mulsanne … and now the company has slapped the rapper with a lawsuit demanding he pay up!

Back in November of last year TMZ reported, the rapper sued Phenomenal Vinyl, Rim Source Motorsports and Forgiato for using his face to hawk their products without permission or paying him a dime. 50 Cent explained his face was used by the companies to hawk everything from vodka, headphones and even auto detailing companies.

He admitted he hired them to do work on his cars but gave them strict instructions they were not allowed to post any photos of him in advertising or social media posts … which he says Phenomenal Vinyl agreed but later blew off their promise and posted him on Instagram anyways. To make matters worse, they even tagged him in the photo.

50 sued for the infringing on his trademarks and accused P.V. of even holding a set of rims hostage until he paid them $31k, which he says is much higher than the rims are worth and believes they are overcharging in retaliation.

Then this week, Phenomenal Vinyl headed to court blasting the rapper and slapping him with a counter-suit. The company denies any wrongdoing and says 50 Cent through his actions and words expressed or implied his consent to their activities that he now is suing over.

P.V. sued the rapper for screwing them out of $21,781.81 for a Gold Chrome with Gold Starlight Laminate full wrap they did on his Bentley Mulsanne. He agreed to pay $31,781.81 for the work but has only paid $10k on the invoice leaving an unpaid balance of $21k. They are demanding the court award them the $21k against 50 cent and throw out his case against them.


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