50 Year Old Bust Down


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty bitch gets around shes the dirty of the dirty she will play you till she gets her money sounds common coming from a mexican whore she has kids and she walks around her house naked around them what the fck is that shit. shes a fat fcking diseased hoe she will fck anything thing with two legs just show her a dollar or some change and her legs are open for ya. She’s a user ,a pathetic friend , shes a 50 yr old whore whos lowest of low shes works at a bank and uses this old man for his money car house gifts dinners anything and lies to him and trys to make this 80 yr old man james carlson satisfied with her words and then trys to make him feel bad about her and said she was date raped and raped numerous times well hoe if you weren’t so god damn easy that shit wouldnt happen to you. This lady has no friends and lives off the money she takes and wines and uses excuse after excuse for herself to get by. she lives in this home that she doesn’t even own… this old sick man who inst even doing well himself is helping and doing everything for this bust down show her your wrinkle nuts and some money and you got her she has nothing to show for herself no career nothing she doesn’t own a god damn thing but her saggy diseased pssy and thats the truth .. Enjoy this dity one!

Everyone comes full circle at some point.- nik

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