A Dirty Cheater


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This douche bag, Trevor Hirsch, is the biggest tool I’ve met. He talks like he’s a black gangster, but acts like a preppy white boy who lives in Santa Clara. He does so many drugs all the time and has landed in the hospital for overdosing more than once. Trevor works has a piercing shop and continues to get gay ass piercings including a medusa, tear drop, and nipple piercing. He’s been cheating on his girlfriend for most of their relationship and she even knows he’s been sleeping around, but loves him too much to break up with him. He’s the biggest liar and makes up excuses to everyone, everytime he gets caught doing the wrong thing. He tells his girlfriend he wants to marry her and even has “i love you” tattooed on him in her handwriting, when he constantly flirts and sleeps with other girls and it k**ls her. On top of that, there are rumors hes only with his girlfriend for his well being because he was kicked out of his house and has been using her for a place to stay and her car to drive. If you ever meet this kid, don’t trust a word that comes out of his lying mouth. He tells everyone different stories and will make up stuff that will make him seem cool. Hes a cke addict with no future and no one should befriend this jerk.

Close-ups, beads and a greg pleaser = for the gays.- nik

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