A Goodbye To Girls

A Goodbye To Girls

Having grown up in the Sex and The City era, I always enjoyed watching the women on that show navigate New York City and their lives; however, aside from finding it entertaining -and finding some character traits I connected to- it wasn’t where I was in my life. The women on Sex and The City were in their 30’s, and I was a teenager. While Sex and The City still remains one of my favorite shows to ever be on TV, when Lena Dunham’s Girls premiered, I immediately knew it was something special that I connected with.

Not only was Judd Apatow involved in the project, but from the first episode it was clear that this was raw television and, at many moments, it was telling stories that were all too real. Being in your 20’s as a millennial was an experience that had never before been portrayed on television, especially in such an unfiltered way. With Girls, the characters weren’t perfect, they weren’t always lovable, they didn’t always look flawless, you didn’t always root for them… Rather, there were raw stories and personal narratives, all helping you to understand what the characters may be going through in that exact moment, and how each moment in your 20’s continues to shape you into the person you want to- and are meant to- be.

This year, I’m turning 30, and it’s almost apropos that, as I ring in my new decade, Girls is ending. I’ve matured a lot since 21, and, much like the characters in Girls, have evolved. Friendships I had in the past I have grown out of. I’ve done lots of self reflection, realizing that sometimes people aren’t meant to be in your life forever, but are meant to be in your life during a specific time. I’ve learned to focus on the friendships that are real, deep, and won’t go away because, like my life, they’re also evolving.

Similarly, other behaviors of my early 20’s have changed. Going to parties till the wee hours of the morning has, many times, been replaced with having a glass of wine and relaxing with my dog on the couch. Needing to do something 24/7 to have fun has, many times, been taken over by a good read on the porch. And learning to be strong in tumultuous times has, indeed, made me a better person in the long run.

While I am saddened to see Girls go, just like some of those friends that come into your life for a reason at a specific moment, the series was there for me. When you look back on those relationships, you have fond memories, but appreciate where you are now. As the show officially wrapped last night, I will always appreciate it for what it was and I’ll miss it greatly, but I’m ready, like the actors and actresses on the show are, to see what the future holds for me and to continue to do what they will do: evolve.


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