A Nightmare


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Juuuust a nightmare

Juuuust a nightmare

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I noticed you don’t have any dirt balls from Lloyd yet so I thought I would share with you this little gem. I’d like to introduce you to the nightmare Ashley Gauthier. She is a NorthBattleford native (North Battleford is the heart of the ghetto in the prairies, it is completely enclosed my reserves) Probably one of the most irrational crazy b*itches I know. I never if she isn’t starving herself on V8 tomato juice she is out conning some guy into to sleeping with her aaaand not to mention she has a long term “boyfriend” Joel… but come on…I’d be that fucked up too if my dad was also seriously addicted to gambling and BINGO..and my 30 some year old brother was a raging booze hound who choose the bottle over a possible pro hockey career. Yuck, white trash at its finest. PS she will pretend to be your friend steal your stuff…but don’t call her out on it, b/c then she’ll key your car too! Watch out for this terror!

Look how that jacket just flares out once it hits her thighs.- nik

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