Aaron Cowdrey, Wannabe Asian


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this idiot is the biggest f**got of them all. Just like his namesake he’s got a face of a cow and the body of a toothpick. He’ll act nice to even his best friend’s face and talk mad shit behind their back. He’s going to college so he doesn’t have to get his lazy ass a job, at least until he fails out. He was married for 5 years, and cheated on her the whole time, even when she was supporting his stupid ass. He deserves all the shit he gets, she should have left his retarded ass years ago. How does the cheating feel you hypocritical f**got? And how did all those dicks taste when you kissed her? Now he’s trying so hard to turn asian, probably so he can find a vag that will fit his tiny dick. He can’t even get it up (trust me) and no woman could ever be pleasured by him, even a chinese bitch. He just floats by and tries so hard to get everyone to feel sorry for his bitch ass by lying through his teeth. He needs to go play in freeway traffic.

I think he just wants a mail order bride, he’s trying to appeal them then/get a discount.- nik

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