Aaron Packan-Pretty Boy Loser


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, here goes….So, the douchewad in the pictures is 32 year old Aaron \”Fudge\” Packan. He is a lifetime loser who hails from Uniontown, PA. He currently works at a call center known for employing ex-cons and welfare mom\’s, and/or someone who is too incompentent for a real job. Aaron is notorious for ruining peoples lives. Just ask his ex-wife. He met her on Match.com and they were married for 4 months. Anyways, Good \’ole Fudge Packan has wrecked yet another set of lives. Fudge Packan, or AP as he likes to be called, made it a point to come in and break up a friend of a friends four year relationship/engagement. When he was confronted about it by the girl\’s ex-fiancee, he swore adamently that they never slept together, they had only hung out a few times, and that he would back off to allow them space to work things out. 10 minutes later, he drove off to meet her and hook up with the little sloot at some crack shack in Uniontown. Also, let it be known that in the aftermath of their break-up, she admitted they had hooked up a few times before that night and that they had been dating for a month. So, the little doucher was too big of a pussy to admit the truth to the guys face as he knows he undoubtfully would have been beaten unconscious. Women/Children of Uniontown beware, he also is on Plenty of Fish and OK cupid trying to hook up with randoms. Rumor on the street is that he goes both ways. If looks arent deceiving, Id tend to agree. He is known to frequent gay bars(321 Club in Uniontown). This guy needs to come out of the closet, get a man lover, and leave other peoples relationships be. Nik, what are your thoughts? PS-I dont know what that thing is in that picture between him and one of his fellow gay\’s, but it looks like it died about 10 years ago.

He needs to get a real job.- nik

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