Action Hero Douchebag

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Action Hero - DOUCHE BAG!

Action Hero - DOUCHE BAG!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies and gentleman, meet Dennis Lee Hanson. Ex-Army Ranger and graduate of Colorado State University with a bachelor’s in Microbiology. Handsome, smart, funny and all the things you want in a man, besides the fact that he’s an insecure, manipulative disease-spreading party-boy stuck in his college years. He’s 28 years old and being evicted for the SECOND time in two months, passed up attending the top medical schools in the country to bartend -AKA- advertise his d*ck at one of Fort Collins’ trashiest clubs. Dennis prides himself on his “celebrity status” in Fort Collins, which is why he refuses to leave after spending his life in that shit hole town. We met when I was underage via social networking, where he preys on most girls, and continued to date for a little over a year. Throughout that time, there were several counts of infidelity on his part, meanwhile he kept me thinking it would never happen again and that he was sure he wanted to MARRY ME and begged me to move in with him. He manipulates several women at a time in different cities to ensure they never find out. He was hooked on c*caine as well as any other drug he could get his hands on and is a raging alcoholic who can barely afford to support himself to boot. Not to mention, he displayed neurotic, controlling tendencies and hacked my personal accounts, blocked women from my social networking page without my knowledge and went so far as to keep tabs of me by downloading my work schedule EVERY week!! He has put me through absolute emotional HELL and when I confronted him after a year of the BULL SH*T, he shut me out like I was never there and moved on to any cyber-whore he could trap into his web of deception. I think it’s time to put his ass on blast and warn underage girls that he is a womanizing, manipulative, washed up loser who is stuck in his college years. WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!

28…dudes pushing 40.- nik

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