Adam Lind Has Legal Victory After Positive Drug Test

Adam Lind Has Legal Victory After Positive Drug Test

Recently, we reported that Teen Mom 2 Dad Adam Lind tested positive for drugs in a court mandated test. While this is obviously not good- and likely is not sitting well with the mothers of his children- Lind did get some good news recently in court.

According to a Radar Online exclusive report, Lind’s baby mamas- namely, Chelsea DeBoer and Taylor Halbur– had filed a petition with the court in an attempt to get more child support money out of Lind.

However, according to Radar’s report, the petition was dismissed by the court, meaning that Lind will not have to pay more to the mothers of his children for child support. Thus, this is considered a legal win for Lind.

While this is good news for him, Radar does note that, “as of last month” he still owes DeBoer $3700 “in back child support payments” and is almost $7000 behind in paying Halbur.

After testing positive for drugs, it remains to be seen if there will be a change in terms of custody of his children.

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