Adderall Is Not What You Think

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Adderall has completely ruined my sisters life.  3 years ago when my sister was 18 she was overweight and one of her friends told her she should start taking adderall because it would help her drop the weight.  She went to go see a doctor and without having any ADD told him that she had a hard time focusing.  So without running any test of any kind the doctor prescribed her 30mg Adderall to take, about 6 months later she had dropped over 35 pounds.  No one in my family knew she was taking the drug.  A few months back, I came home and my sister was not herself, she was acting different and very delusional.  She went to work 3 days in a row, only to get there and walk right out claiming that she felt like everyone was looking at her.  We took her to the hospital and they ran a drug test on her and she came up positive for methamphetamine’s and it made no sense since she didn’t do drugs.  That is when the doctor told us my sister had a prescription for Adderall and that is why she was positive on the test.  It was hell after that, they put my sister in a mental ward since she had fried her brain from taking the pills without needing them.  She was not herself any longer and after two weeks in there, we had to get her out… all they were doing is feeding her other drugs.  So we did a rehab thing at home, my sister couldn’t sleep, so my mother and I would take 12 hour shifts of watching my sister, to make sure she didn’t hurt herself or do anything bad.  It was basically like raising a child all over again, she couldn’t do anything for herself and we had to baby her along.  It took 3 months, but we got her back to normal and she told us how she had been taking the Adderall for weight loss and how she became addicted to them.  We got a lawyer because we could not understand how a doctor can just give her the Adderall just to find out there is nothing we could do.  I don’t get how all these doctors are out there prescribing drugs to people that don’t even need them.  We all know the more they prescribe the more money they make, but they don’t see what the repercussions of doing that are.  Something needs to be done about this so other families aren’t torn like mine was.

I wish the DEA would actually focus on shady doctors who prescribe meth. I’m glad your sister made it through the storm, most of them don’t.- nik

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