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slutty heroin addict

slutty heroin addict

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is martha. this girl has sex with numerous guys while her “boyfriend” sits in prison. she will give out blow jobs in return for he**in. she’s a snitch, snake, whore, and an addict. she loves to run her mouth on anyone and everyone, probably because of her own insecurities. she’s a “blood” and thinks she’s a “thug” because she raps along to lil wayne on the computer, memorizing the words, so she can quote him in public to further her fakeness in people thinking she’s a real gangster blood. her knickname is even MarThug lol. i just thought she deserved to be on the dirty because out of everyone i know, she definitely is DIRTY LOL. what do you think of her nik? do you think she’s a blood or a girl thats way over her head and has alot of ass beatings awaiting her throughout her future? do you even think the blowjobs are worth giving out the guys drugs?

Her face looks off cause she’s sucking in her cheeks. Practice for more/better drugs??- nik

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