Afrojack Leaves Pregnant Girlfriend Of 2 Years For Paris Hilton


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Afrojack Leaves Pregnant Girlfriend of 2 Years for Paris Hilton

Afrojack Leaves Pregnant Girlfriend of 2 Years for Paris Hilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, first time submitter here. I was browsing TMZ earlier and seen an article about Paris Hilton training to become the most powerful female House music DJ ever. The article stated that names such as Afrojack, and Deadmau5, were helping her and giving her tips. First thing I thought was which one is sleeping with her?! Fast forward to me jumping on TheDirty.  SHOCKER!! So I did a little digging and it turns out, Afrojack actually left his PREGNANT girlfriend of 2 YEARS for this used up celebrity. What a douchebag move.

Paris Hilton uses her boyfriends like a parasite. Once AfroJack’s blood is dry she will be on to the next.- nik

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