THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanna tell you about Aida Feta-Pipic who was famous on myspace, twitter and instagram before she got hacked. Even though shes a 6’3″ professional basketball player (and part time model I guess) she is thick and curvy, stays in heels, cooks and seems very amusing and down to earth in her tweets and videos on instagram. She entertains her followers daily and she speaks 9 languages fluently cause shes Albanian, Croatian, German and some other stuff. I just cant get enough of her even though shes an athlete. My question is, even though she’s an athlete in a sport many of us think is a joke, do you take her seriously?

Your “blur” tool is not working, I can still see your stomach. Of course Aida is a basketball player (they smoke weed on the reg).- nik