AIM’s Trend With Guys

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, AIM aka aylen has been a dirty celeb for almost 3 pool seasons now, and as notorious as she is her boyfriends are just as famous as she is, remember in 08 there was this roid head and come end of pool season she dumped him, then 09 came and with that pool season it brought fresh out of prison and roided out of his mind the infamous dirty celeb CONROIDS, and of course by the end of the pool season she dumped him. Now its pool season 2010 and guess what she has her Canadian Greg, who she is “engaged” to. Nik do you notice a trend, do you think come end of September Canadian Greg will get dumped and lose his VISA and go crawling back up North? Or is this true love and he is the real guy that can break the trend?

She must be good with needles?  I think this Canadian Greg will have a good 2 season pool run… she will get bored and move on to another Roider with more money.- nik

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