Al Gore – A President Can’t Stop The Climate Movement

Al Gore – A President Can’t Stop The Climate Movement

Former Vice President Al Gore recently appeared in Cannes, France, for the premiere of An Inconvenient Sequel, a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, his documentary on climate change.

When speaking about President Donald Trump and his administration’s stance on climate change, Gore said, “We now know after four months of the Trump administration that no one person- not even a President- can stop the climate movement. We have seen large states like California and New York and many others now making faster progress than the commitments made by former President Obama during the Paris agreement.”

“One of the most conservative Republican cities in America has agreed- not only agreed to go to 100% renewable energy, they have just accomplished it in the heart of the oil country,” he added. “Not because they use the slogans about global warming, but because it’s economically beneficial to them.”

While we agree with Gore, specifically on the point that one person can’t stop a movement, it almost seems like he gives Trump’s administration credit in comparison to the Obama administration, and that’s certainly not something we expected to see.

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