THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Meel Ali Z self proclaimed “Donkey Dong”.  He claims his c#*k is 12inches(its not) and he cant even get it to work properly in bed… Ladies watchout for this loser he’s a liar and so conniving. I met him at Maison one night with his friends which included his brothers Milad (the better looking one) who he talks sh*t about all the time.  Its sad Ali and I dated for a couple months and I fell for his BS charm he will tell you whatever you need to hear and it worked on me, but at first he seems like the perfect guy (if you can get use to his ugly face) but he always talked sh*t about his boys and how they all have DRD.  I felt bad for him thinking he wants to to get away from these losers to find out he is the ring leader of his crew through a couple other victims of his Bullsh*t lies… he is beyond sad, I feel soo stupid so I wanted to share this so no other girl falls for him or his loser friends… sorry ladies if you have been… Nik please help girls know of this douche.

Never trust a pack of Pakis… especially if they smell like moth balls.- nik