Ali Larter Supports New App To Help Kids Unwind

Ali Larter Supports New App To Help Kids Unwind

Actress Ali Larter recently hosted an event for a new app for kids entitled Stop, Breathe & Think… and, if you’re a parent of a younger child, you’re going to want to check this out.

“It’s a new really mindful meditation app for children,” Larter shared. “And I have two young ones… They always want to grab a tablet… This is one of those times where it’s actually something really special. They can go on and they get to pick the emotions that they’re feeling.”

So what does the app do?

Larter explained that, “It sends you to a game or some kind of breathing kind of game that’s about 2-5 minutes long. It’s enough for the kids to really help them unwind a little bit.”

Being a parent is a tough job and, at times, it’s hard to get your kids to calm down. If there’s an app that could help with that, we totally think it’s worth checking out.

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