Aliaune B. Thiam aka Akon Loses Lawsuit — Owes 133,000 Dollars

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Akon blew off a lawsuit accusing him of screwing over a construction company that worked on his Georgia mansion – who sued over a $95k invoice the singer refused to pay … and due to him not showing up to court the judge hit him with a $133k judgement.

Last year, Southern Electric Co. filed suit against Akon demanding his Georgia home be foreclosed on and sold off … and demanding a profits of the property auction go towards the unpaid construction bill the singer refuses to pay them. Currently, they are owed the $95k along with pre-judgment interest of $32,775 which continues to grow at $495 a month until it’s paid off by the singer. Southern Electric sued Akon demanded the judge order his home to be foreclosed on and sold off at public auction … with the profits from the sale being used to pay off the $127,775 debt he owes. Akon was served with the legal papers in August but has blown off the lawsuit for several months … and never bothered to show up to court.

Last month, the company filed a motion for default judgement demanding the judge award them the money due to the singer failing to respond. Then recently, the judge came back with his decision and granted Southern Electric Co.’s default judgement awarding them $95,000 + $38,220 in interest for a grand total of $133,220, which will continue to grow at the rate of $495 per month.

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