Allegedly The Hottest Strippers In Springfield

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, right now unfortunately I’m residing in Springfield, MO, which sucks, obviously its the bible belt, alot of rednecks, white trash, tweekers, crazy religious freaks, lame wannabe hippy/raver kids, etc. But the most annoying thing about this area is the lame club scene and all these women who are somehow convinced that they’re really hot and act like they run this town; as if that’s an accomplishment lol. Anyways these lovely ladies go by by Leah and Lauren Fairchild. At the moment they’re supposedly the hottest strippers Springfield has to offer. They used to work at the Pony, now they’re working at the Pink Cadillac. My man went to a bachelor party awhile back when they were working at the Pony and they told him $400 for the both of them after the club… defintely pay for play lol. I’ll admit it, they know how to work a pole and they look alright in the dark, but my man is convinced that they’re dimes.. and obviously they’re not. Nik, I know I can depend on you to let these entertainers/escorts and all the dumbasses know that outside of the midwest they would barely rank 5.7…. So, would you? And please inform these uneducated people on what they need work on, I see at least 4 procedures they could use.

Answer: No, they look like they taste the same and the hamstring looks like it pops more than his ass and calf.

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