Amal Clooney Reminds Us Of Melania Trump

Amal Clooney Reminds Us Of Melania Trump

We call it like we see it and, whatever you feel about politics, one thing is undebatable- Melania Trump is stunningly gorgeous. She’s also really good at avoiding the press, as she’s not had a lot of interaction with them since becoming the first lady.

Amal Clooney is clearly taking a page out of Melania’s book. She’s exceptionally attractive and, good at smiling at the press and nodding them off, as shown in the above video.

George, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about making a run for President in 2020. Based on her behavior here, Amal clearly has the credentials for first lady and, based on the current state of the country, experience isn’t required for the job you’d be doing. Seriously, consider it.

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