Amanda The Alien Looking Sloot

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Amanda , The Alien Looking Hoe .

Amanda , The Alien Looking Hoe .

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this the one and only Amanda Wilkie And Darren Holness Darren was previously posted, so im just here to fill everyone in about amanda . I just thought i’d warn everyone of surrey and the surrounding areas (vancouver, burnaby, langly, delta ect) of how much of looser scum bag h*e this b*tch here is. she is the most rank creature to roam the streets of surrey. she sells her *ss to put food in her kids mouth (advice GET OFF WELFARE AND GET A JOB ) , either sleeping with men for money or drugs to get high to keep her mind off her disaster of a life she has. she dumps her child off with anyone and anything to get out there and sell that body of hers ( mind you , she has a body of a 7 year old boy) her kid is 3 years old and cant even talk and still sh*ts its pants and wears diapers. her boyfriend darren jr holness is a PC RAT GOOF that spends his long days standing in a welfare line up! SURREY WHAT?!?! thease people are the most rank rotten surrey scum known.

Taking pictures of each other on the city bus is not a very romantic look.- nik

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