Amanda The Slore With No Shame

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just recently discovered your site and have been following it religiously ever since. I’ve been considering submitting this b*tch for a while now but I finally made the decision to go through with it… Mostly because I found out her 50 year old (he might be older or younger) boyfriend has been telling everyone that he put a ‘hit’ out on me and a ‘price’ on my head all over a stupid argument I had with his son. So PLEASE expose these lowlifes, it’s quite the entertaining story!! Anyway, behold Amanda Bowne. Ya know, she had potential to be pretty but in reality she is a scheming, lazy, disease infested, incest-having SKANK!! And YES, I said incest. I’ll start from the beginning (but withholding the names of the innocent)… Amanda is the girlfriend of my friend’s obnoxious, alcoholic father (Bill Empey) who apparently is also a pedo (amazing his daughter turned out normal). He has two other kids who come into the story later, Billy AKA Boo and Ron. Now here’s some background on the queen slut herself; Amanda. She’s a 20-something wanna-be hairdresser from Grand Rapids, MI who loves to go to the bar and pawn her son off on Bill’s daughter or whoever will tolerate him because she doesn’t discipline him much less even pay attention to the little hellion, poor kid. The only reason she goes to hair school is because her pathetic, broke excuse for a ‘sugar daddy’ told her to get a f*cking job finally since she lives in his shitty house with her son for free and never lifts a finger to do housework or anything of the sort. She even made some disgusting remark about my boyfriend, who even though he was given the chance like everyone else, wouldn’t touch that cum bucket with a 50 foot pole wrapped with barbed wire. She said and I quote, “Looking at him makes me wet!” YUCKKK!! Then she tries to give ME relationship advice, yeah right honey, you should worry about your own screwed up life!!! That’s beside the point, Bill and Amanda openly smoke weed and drink in front of their kids completely shamelessly, but that’s not the only thing Amanda shares with Bill’s kids: now brace yourself here’s where things get real f*cked up and twisted… Amanda has slept with BOTH of his sons at different times and either given them the family disease (drd) or gotten it from them. Boo is only 19!!!! And at the time, he was about to become a father. Bill knows this and still f*cks her and lives with this tramp, how DEMENTED and SICK can you be???? Oh yeah, he’s not phased because he’s no better… Everyone claims he is a pedophile. This family gets even worse. Bill’s kid’s real mom was dating this DOUCHE called Pockey. It has been confirmed that Pockey slept with her SON’S (Boo’s) babymomma, (Deidra) she even admitted it!! WTF! These people like to keep it all in the family, literally. And I know this all because I was REALLY close to this family for many years. I posted this partly out of spite and partly because I want people to know the truth about both Amanda AND Bill. So to all the Dirty Army, if you see this couple at some sleazy a** bar in Grand Rapids you know to spray some aerosol and get the hell out of there!! BEWARE of ANYONE bearing the infamous Empey name, they are ALL liars, cheaters, sluts, shit-talking, back-stabbing assholes. The trade-marked Empey personality is obnoxious, outspoken, argumentative and two-faced. Sorry about the novel I wrote you but this shit is just too good to be true. AMANDA AND BILL, YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN EXPOSED. I included photos of everyone involved except Pockey since I don’t know his real name and labeled them for your convenience. But I HAVE to ask, Nik, would you (if she wasn’t disease infested)? I even included a picture that is relatively attractive to be fair. PS: Ya gotta love those random freckles, the over-plucked eyebrows and weird-shaped hair. [click here for the evidence]

You can’t trust people with excessive amount of freckles.  Those are ginger genes- nik

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