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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well there is this hoe, formally named Amanda-hoe running around in her busted ass 2002 Ford Taurus all around the city of Cleveland. She recently moved back to Cleveland from Mississippi because she couldn’t handle all the “haters” in Cleveland. She back now cause her real father didn’t want her drama. So back to these haters, well she calls them haters but in reality she has nothing to hate on. She has two kids by two different men. The first kid was by some random dude she met off of MySpace. She didn’t know he was the father and had to get a DNA test, unfortunately for him he was the father. The second baby daddy is in Mississippi and wants nothing to do with her. The first baby daddy ended up cheating on her when she was eight months pregnant, Amanda-hoe caught him fcking some black girl in there car down the street. Amanda-hoe later sucked his dick that very night. Amanda’s second baby was born nine weeks early due to Amanda-hoes behavior, like drinking, smoking weed, catching drds while pregnant, and had a collapsed lung. As the under developed baby was in the hospital fighting for her life, Amanda-hoe took it upon herself to go out and party every night. The baby has been in the hospital almost its entire life and Amanda-hoe looks at it as nothing more then a free babysitter. Her other child is with Amanda-hoes mother, Tammy Wilson, which there house is probably the nastiest home I have ever walked into. They are dirty garbage picking rats. The rotten smell of open ass hits you as soon as you walk in. Roaches roam the house freely. The house is infested and needs to be condemned. Not only is this an unsafe area for any child but Amanda-hoe claims she was molested by her mothers husband Jeff, who lives there, but in reality she fcks him so she can stay there time to time. Amanda-hoe even made her step-brother touch her for a piece of pizza. Amanda-hoe is sexually disturbed. Her vagina is so blown out guys even question if they put it in. She claims she was pregnant by all these dudes to keep them around. When you ask for proof she says she got an abortion. Amanda-hoe had so many abortions from when she was younger they will not even let her get another. The two guys that did get her pregnant were shocked that she could even get pregnant because of how many abortions she had. Amanda-hoe is one of the most unattractive females that I ever associated with. However, she claims shes a “Bad Bitch”. Everything is bad, not in a good way. She looks exactly like her mother, a mangled sewer rat. She wears nasty contacts that are for one time use only for months at a time. Her hair is so greasy and stringy. Her body is disgusting. She has no tits, they look like a mosquitoes bit her. She has no ass, it sags and it’s hairy and her butt-hole is black, and her stomach makes a face. She needs to invest in easy sit-ups, maybe do some squats and learn how to wipe her ass. Her pssy smells like rotten eggs after “she cleans it”. If you fck her right then it smells like a fish market on a hot day. Her breath smells like a septic tank. When you fck her you literally can’t feel anything. Shes horrible at fcking. Id rather stick my dick in a bag full of glass and pour bleach on it. It was like fcking stinky wet air while having to look at her nasty faces. Amanda-hoe is the definition of trash. She is a horrible mother, I mean come on who has pictures up of them at a club taking shots whiles there seven months pregnant. Shes also a really big shit talker but NEVER backs it up. Multiple females have confronted her and she hides and makes up an excuse. She can only talk shit on the internet. She has several Facebook and creates fake accounts to stalk others. She has to deactivate her account when shes not on it. She has no friends, the one person she talks to looks like a complete man. She sleeps in her car and collects a retard check for herself and her kid while receiving food stamps in two different states. She has a government baby but luckily for her shes a dirty rat and loves that cheese. Amanda-hoe go back to Mississippi ugly cnt!

Nice canckles.- nik

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