Amber Portwood Loses It On Instagram Live

Amber Portwood Loses It On Instagram Live

While many reality stars face constant criticism online, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has definitely gotten her share… and it seems she reached a breaking point when she went on Instagram Live last night and sounded off about all the criticism. 

Some of the things she said in the above video included:

 “If you’re a fu**ing hater get off of my s**t. Get off. Go get a f**king life. You’re sad. You’re weird. You’re f**king weird. You know my name. I don’t know you.”

“Just because I’m a celebrity doesn’t mean I’m f**king white trash for sticking ups or myself.”

“Give me respect or get the f**k out.”

“I don’t buy my f**king followers, how bout that? My followers follow me because they’re my real f**king followers.”

“I’ve got the world on my f**king shoulders.”

“I am a nice person but if you ever disrespect me- it is what it is- s**t happens”

“People are so f**king nosy today. They can’t take the show for what it’s worth.”

“I’ll always tell the truth. And if MTV does something, I’ll… call them out. I always f**king do.”

“I was a boss when I was in f**king prison. I was a boss outside of prison.”

“I’m the girl that started a franchise worth a couple million. That’s who I am.”

One thing is definitely clear from the video- which you can watch above- Amber’s had enough of the haters.

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