America, F*ck Ya

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I take great pleasure in laugghing at other countries misfortunes.  Everyone makes us out (Yanks) to be worldwide villains, they laugh at us and mock us.  Partly cause of websites like this which you love to hate and hate to love.  So as I’m readin up on a few stories some Spaniards catch my eye, clicked the link and came up with the biggest pedophile ring in the world. 184 Pedo’s have been arrested thus far and only 5, FIVE, were Americans.  There was a whole website out of the Netherlands which was a forum for 70,000 pedo’s worldwide, mainly from Europe, Thialand and Austrilia.  It enabled pedo’s to openly discuss their desires for children, it only became illegal when these pedo’s started sharing informations (pictures, videos, you know pedo stuff).  The arrests included, teachers, police officers, scout leaders and a spaniard who abused hundreds of kids at the camp he worked at.  This just shows that we aren’t the only ones, there’s pedo’s and sluts all over the world.  We’re the only ones who air our dirty laundry, but I guarentee we’ll never have anything of this scale cause we stay on top of our sh*t and make an example of anyone who does something stupid.  Which means we’re better than America and suck it Europol!!

Americans still have better teeth than the British. Don’t worry we will make a come back in 20 years… just watch.- nik

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