An Embarrassment To The Entire Female Race

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An Embarrassment to the Entire Female Race

An Embarrassment to the Entire Female Race

An Embarrassment to the Entire Female Race

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Laura Stewart is absolutely disgusting she will switch from guy to guy in the matter of a week, she claims to be such a sweet innocent girl but yet she is trying to break up any long lasting relationship out there. She will honestly sleep with any guy that comes her way then dates them thinking they will marry her right away then they dump her *ss because they find out she is a psycho b*tch, who probably has 5 different DRDs. She tries to show off her “nice” body but everyone sees through her insecurities and her triple push up bras. She tries to go to all the nice clubs downtown and find a whole bunch of different guys she can sleep with, and trying to get people to take pictures of her fake t*ts. If there is any girl out there that needs a lesson that you shouldnt open your legs to any guy that will f*ck you this is her. Pleaaase someone help this girl before she gets pregnant raising another slooty *ss kid.

She forgot to shadow her photoshop lines.- nik

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