An Honest Appeal On Behalf Of Many Of Your Readers

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in reaction to the recent post “We Are Losing Our Founding Principles”: Nik Richie, far be it from me to tell a media mogul like you how to run his own website, but come on bro! There’s a million websites for this anti Obama political crap (Fox News, Newsmax, Aryan Nation etc). When I’m trolling through all the sk*nks and scumbags on this website, I don’t want to see these non-stop right (or left) wing political diatribes. THE ELECTION IS OVER AND A VERY WEAK CANDIDATE LOST IN A BAD ECONOMY BECAUSE HE COULDN’T MAKE THE CASE TO THE VOTERS. He lost by nearly 3 million popular votes for gods sake! People don’t come to your site for this, regardless of their political beliefs. This kind of posting makes your site less appealing. You are damaging your own brand with this stuff, why do you do it? I usually ignore these, but I couldn’t today. Is somebody paying you to post this? I am certain that it doesn’t change anyone’s mind! PLEASE quit posting this stuff or at least make a separate forum on your site for the 8-10 losers that care. Please force “internet political diatribe” guy to post his propaganda somewhere else. It will ensure that the “The Dirty” serves its true and original purpose. Just a humble suggestion from one of your loyal readers. Thanks and god bless.

I’m over it too. I post what gets submitted broham. People we need to accept Obama and move on with our depressing lives… how do I run for President in 2016?- nik

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