Anders Holm Claims “You Can’t Snare Me Dude!”

Anders Holm Claims “You Can’t Snare Me Dude!”

While many celebrities ignore paparazzi when they appear, Workaholics star and co-creator Anders Holm gave them some attention when they recently caught up wiht him.

“Did they finally explain why Leo‘s character couldn’t fit on that plank at the end of Titanic?” Holm is questioned by a paparazzi. “I know that’s not a real thing, but…”

“No they didn’t,” he answers.

“What do you think was a bigger disaster?” he then is asked. “The Titanic sinking, the Challenger, or the Hindenbergh?”

“Man, that question’s the biggest disaster of the night,” Holm sarcastically answers.

“Man, you can’t snare me, dude!” he adds.

Holm does make sure to tell the person asking him questions to “have a good night,” so even though he was a bit snarky, we give him an A plus for manners and for answering the questions he was asked.

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