Andrew Faria Needs The Truth

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Andrew Faria. I decided to write you hoping you could post this and help this guy Andrew Faria out. First of all, he comes off as a huge douche bag over social media. He posts selfies constantly all day long, wearing a zebra hat and talking about how he’s so hung over ALL THE TIME. I see him at Cabana Pool bar every Sunday just acting like a drunken idiot. This guy needs some help, on instagram today he posted about how he is now on probation after getting a DUI. That’s right, he’s 27, lives in his moms basement, has no real job, claims he is a music producer. He needs to quit the drugs and hangovers and get a regular job and be a normal person. Stop wearing so much animal print! Also, he always gloats about being bald. Earth to Andrew, being bald at 27 isn’t sexy. Nik, can you help this guy stop acting like a douche bag?

I feel like guys should only take 3 selfies a month… anything over 3 is for the Gays.- nik

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