Anna Hathaway A Crowd Control Expert

Anna Hathaway A Crowd Control Expert

Anne Hathawy obviously has had a hugely successful acting career, but we’re thinking she could also fare well as a traffic police woman or as a security guard for crowd control.

When fans swarmed her limo to sign autographs- as she was on her way to the Colossal at Vista Theatre in Hollywood- she tells them, “Hey I’m actually gonna come around there.” 

Then, she instructs she’ll only be signing one item per person, asking (even though it’s clear she didn’t care what the response was) if everyone is cool with that.

Then, when she felt like the fans were getting out of hand, she says, “Hey guys, it’s getting crazy. Everyone knows how to be cool, right? Let’s be cool.”

And everyone, somehow, listened.

Anne, teach us your controlling ways. Some of us have children and it seems you’d have good management tips for keeping them in line.

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