Anna Yurkiw

is a whore who will sell her self for any price above 10 $ she goes as far as asking her friends to post ads for her and showing up to parties to dance for money when she is absolutely over weight and theres nothing wrong with that but using it like it keeps you safe but honey its not gonna protect you from a bullet and then theres having sex with underage young men and women and taking advantage of them when under the influence well some people have had it and its time more people know what you might do to their family maybe son or daughter or get them doing a bunch of have hep c girl whos gonna want ur fishy cunt except for tricks. i would post what she has sent to my girlfriends sisters fiance or i guess ex fiance after she over heard him being called a trick anyways im not posting that picture because it would rip a whole in reality and you would never ever be able to un see what would be done

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