Another $30K Millionaire To Be On The Look Out For In Las Vegas

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Another $30K millionaire to be on the look out for in Las Vegas

Another $30K millionaire to be on the look out for in Las Vegas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, I have another Las Vegas poser for you and your fans to look out for…meet Steve Emerson, originally from Clinton Mississippi he now resides in various motels around the Las Vegas strip. Steve is the epitome of the $30K millionaire. He posts on his Facebook wall he earns $800/day walking around the desert looking at plants for some golf developer but members of his family confirm it is more like $80/day. Steve brags he makes a lot of money daytrading stocks and spends hours a night posting on Yahoo financial message boards, but recently he was texting a buddy on how his account had dropped 40% in August due to the markets and “obviously” not his bad stock picking skills! His family back home confirm Steve is always calling them up begging for money to help support his casino lifestyle and bad stock investments which make them worry he would have to live on the streets if it were not for their financial assistance. Along with his huge ego, Steve has some other mental issues which cause him to stretch the truth a lot (if you haven’t noticed already). He loves to make himself feel important by going down to the Vegas strip at night and lying to tourists from out of town about his Vegas status. Usually he is hoping to take photos with the gullible ladies so he can post them later on his Facebook wall and tell everyone how he hooked up with them that night. What Steve is really looking to pull down in a night is any fugly cougar he can work over to cover his meal and bar tab for the evening (see photo for a look at one of the true “winners” he attracts). Did I mention Steve’s ego is out of control? Steve states the “big” casinos on the strip know him as “Crocodile Dundee” because he works in the desert all day then gambles with them at night. In his mind the guy truly believes he is going to become some Vegas celebrity soon because of all the time (and family’s money) he dumps on the Strip. So what do you think Nik, would any casino on the strip really treat this guy like a celebrity?

Lying to others to make yourself look cooler is terrible. Embrace your shorts Steve and accept the fact that you have a problem.- nik

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