Another Day in the Life

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Andrea Rose Irvin. I dont know what face she’s making in that pic but it’s the only pic I could find where she wasn’t covered in boys/cheap alcohol/things she will regret later on in life. In high school she went to some loser poser rich kid school called Chaparaal where the parents practically throw money at their kids like they’re strippers even though she is nothing but a classless dirtbag whore and ‘dated’ future DRD-riddled frat guys left and right for the drugs, dick, and dank cheap liquor. She’s had habits since before high school and went to private/rich kid schools to make people believe she had a chance in the job market/some class. She doesn’t. In high school she wore slutty clothes so she could get guys and money without having to hold a steady, respectable job. At this point in time noone is sure if she’s actually enrolled in school or not. She doesn’t have a job. However if you need to find her or ask where she gets her money, you can see her frequenting all the slutty rich kid hangout spots in Old Town Snobsdale, the frat/DRD houses at ASU if she feels low on money, or or honestly wherever she can get her hands on some cocaine/E pills like the “rave” parties that go down in Scottsdale which are essentially nothing but cheap Mexican drug parties. She treats her family and little brother like shit. Whenever a friend or even a random person she doesn’t know is in a relationship she does whatever she can to ruin it. She calls people rude names and tries to start shit because of all the drugs she’s on. This was shown throughout high school. She steals money from her “friends” for E and then replaces them; ditto with her slut roommates and is”not sure how many times she’s been pregnan” in the past. Do you know cocaine nostril damage when you see it? Anyways it’s pretty sad because any evidence of the things she’s done she’ll deny even though things are STILL on her Facebook (how are people so dumb??) and probably cry to whatever manager she has at the moment about it to get it removed. She is essentially nothing but a waste of oxygen. Citizens of Arizona beware!

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