Another Dirty Coug From Calgary

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Another Dirty from Calgary

Another Dirty from Calgary

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. this girl needs to be stopped. This is Anna Lammers 43 yrs old and from Calgary and a mother also and is out on all these dating sites and clubs finding guys to bring back to her place while her kids are home also just so she has some “Greg’ to ride or suck for the night.She walks around like shes all that and tells everyone that will listen how she’s better and hotter then most around her. She has been with enough guys now that she has the “Clap” and who knows what else and doesnt tell the guy till after shes fucked them and then calls them a few dyas later to tell them they might have a std.. she dated a friend of mine till he found out she was fucking 2 other guys,she’s a pig and guys need to run when they see her saggy boobs coming.

I deleted the pics of her utters cause no man should be forced to see this coug topless.- nik

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