Another VH1 “Tough Love” Cast Member Comes Forward

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Email From VH1 “Tough Love” Cast Member: Nik, my name is Ryan.  I was on “Tough Love Couples” on VH1.  I was on the show with a girl I was dating at the time who is a great person and I respect very much but Steve Ward and JoAnn Ward broke us up while on the show.  They litteraly told her to break up with me.  To follow the story line they needed at the benefit of our relationship and emotions.  While I was on the show I got to know the filthy cheating sleezy phonies Steve Ward and his incest gf mom JoAnne Ward.  They lie and create whatever story they want for there show at the behalf of people that wanted to be on the show to get help.  The season I was on was so fake and manipulated it’s pathetic.  Steve Ward and his sk*nk mom knew they were going to kick me off the show before I even stepped foot on.  He got drunk and admitted this to the entire cast at the wedding episode.  So folks realize this f*cking d bag has no credibility.   His ho bag mom actually also got drunk for the wedding episode and was very aggressive towards me saying how handsome I was and that she is a very sexual woman.  I was shocked that she would even say that to me.  She kept rubbing her body and her nipples got hard.  It was so gross.  She looms like a catchers mitt with two huge bags of silicon on top.  Btw her boob job was a bad one. But here is the best part.  She was allll over me rubbing my back and telling me how great I was and then she says Ryan let me tell you something that stays between me and you, WHY would she actually think I would keep any secrets with her after she messed with my life by bending truths and manipulating stories and lying.  She is a fn moron.  So she leans in and whispers to me:

“Ryan I cheated on my husband.  Yes Ryan I cheated on Steven’s father.  He wasn’t there for me he was always working and I needed physical attention I wanted sex Ryan.  So I told him if he didn’t start having sex with me I will have to get it feom somewhere else so I did, I cheated on him Ryan”.

Nobody wants to slam that sk*nk!!!! I bet if her new husband wasn’t there she was going to try hard to sleep with me.  I dont think I could even get it up for her.  So the phony apple doesn’t fall far from the phoney tree.  Steve Ward. Wow.   I have waited for this day you slimy pussy b*tch.  Let me say openly that I don’t like you or respect you.  Your a total fraud and need to get over yourself.  This guy has said openly many times:

“The more famous I get the more young dumb wh*res that I f*ck.”

In between lines of coke.  Sounds like he respects woman.  Here is a guy that’s never had one single successful relationship and he is telling people how to live theirs.  Steve’s advice.  Step 1 change who you are.  Step 2 do lots of coke.  Step 3 cheat on your gf with many hookers.   He wasn’t around much for the show but just like his dumb wh*re mom he is a dumb wh*re too and bragged about how many hookers he screws in Philly.

So I’m not shocked that he is still on the hookers now.  He Is the biggest phoney on TV.  Now he got drunk at the reunion show and bragged about how VH1 said they would only renew his show if they kicked a couple off, broke a couple up, and married a couple and if they married more couples they would get a bonus and % of the money for the wedding episodes.  WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT?  Oh yeah he’s f*cking stupid.  So what happened from here.  Steve manipulated lied and forced these two couples to get married.   He and his mom even bribed a couple and said If you get married we have a condo we will let you live In for free for two years and we will give you a job.  When they got married pooof it disappeared!   Sounds familiar !  Ohhh and BOTH couples that got married got divorced within a year of the wedding.  Matchmaker????  More like ego masterbater.

EVERY COUPLE IS BROKE UP FROM THE SHOW.  Steve Ward is a tool and a phony and has sh*tty morals and is a cheater manipulator.  As far as woman see it he should be thee worst kind of person to ever know, yet his living is helping woman.  Now the best part is its so obvious that these two are losers so why don’t more cast members come forward?  These girls are too busy thinking that they are stars from the show and don’t wanna burn a bridge with Steve and HoAnn Ward.   Me I say who cares these two have had this coming for a long time.  They deserve their careers to be over.  It’s not right what they do to people.  Also, you can clearly tell how comfortable Steve Ward is with buying an aids ridden hooker.  So this Info is just the tip of the iceburg.  Bumming Cocaine off people and bribing prostitutes because he doesn’t have the $!!! Sounds like a broke guy. Good ole B*tch pussy phony Steve Ward.  God I wish I could tell him off to his face and maybe hit him with my car.

Nik you did the right thing by bringing this to light.  Thanks.  Oh and the part that he doesn’t care who watches his show proves he is IN it for money and will be a puppet to fill that position.  If that means lying and screwing people over so be it!   What kind of guy purposefully makes so many woman cry by yelling at them saying he’s helping them??????  Peace.

Ryan thank you for venting your frustration. Hopefully you can get some closure now buddy. And hopefully Steve Ward will be a man and apologize to the world.- nik

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